Macedonian Successors

This army is designed for games using the War & Conquest rules.

At the moment it's work in progress, so more photos will be added as units are completed.
I hope to get it onto the table, finished, early 2017.

The army commander, the little remembered Philipolytas "The Great" (in his words) - although to the men under his command, he's often referred to as Philipolytas "The Average!"

(Figure is by Aventine Miniatures).

Below. The Army so far...

Below: Philipolytas, plus Army Standard Bearer, and Companion Cavalry.

(Foundry riders on 1st Corps horses).

Below: Phalanx... more units still to add here.
(Foundry figures).

Below: Elite Peltasts. These are the successors to Alexander's Hypaspists. I've depicted a few of these retaining the older style round bronze shields whilst the majority of the unit has made the transition to the newer Thureos.
(Foundry figures with 1st Corps Thureos shields).

And finally... some skirmish units...

Still to come: more heavy cavalry, more pikemen, some Thracian peltasts, a sprinkling of Cretan archers, and of course an Elephant!

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  1. A most beautiful Army...excellent work.