Monday, 18 November 2013

The Pils Holstein Leibgarde

The first unit rolled off the production line recently...
Figures painted by Mark Allen; flags by yours truly.

So, the game's afoot. The project really feels underway now that the infantry are starting to appear.

More to come shortly...


wargame amateur said...

Nice looking figures and flags, Phil.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Stunning! The blue(s) on the coats is one of the nicest I seen, and f course the flags are amazing.

Best Regards,


Der Alte Fritz said...

Ou-est les tambours?

Tres Bon .

Andrew Saunders said...

lovely work all round, the flags are very nice

Chris Gregg said...

And very nice they look too, Phil. Is this a complete unit or are there grenadiers to come later. Will your standard size units be the 50-60 of your previous 18th Century armies?

Phil said...

A beautiful unit, love the paintjob and the flags!

Steve said...

Very impressed!


Phil said...

Thank you chaps.
Answers to specific questions:
Battalions for this collection will be 30 figures. Grenadiers will be separate battalions (in the case of the Prussians) and the Pils Holstein army organisation is different anyway.
Musicians - I made a (radical?) decision not to include these in the battalions, although some will be depicted for eye candy purposes in the vignettes on the table.
Thanks for your comments.

tidders said...

Super regiment - I'm sure they will fight well.

-- Allan

Anonymous said...

Excellent job Phil



Andrew Parr said...

I am inspired! Are you going to pursue an Old School derived rule set suitable for these unit numbers?

Anonymous said...


what will the overall size of your armies be? What size cavalry units artillery etc.



Phil said...

Thanks all.
Andrew: I have a set of rules that I have been working on for quite some time... they have had a variety of incarnations, and combine some "old school" mechanisms with some fresh ideas. They are far from finished, but at some point I may publish.
Paul: armies will be developed in phases, but I'm looking at around 12 battalions per side as being an aiming point...
Cavalry will be between 16-20 figure regiments.
I'll be detailing these developments over the months to come.
Best regards

Graham C said...

First class Phil can't wait to see the rest and perhaps cross swords with my men from Albion.
General Maxwell would love'em

Andrew Parr said...

Jolly good Phil, please keep the inspiration coming. If you need any proofreading or playtesting please let me know (I write rules for my local club and others).

Phil said...

Thanks Andrew - I will bear it in mind.
Graham: I know General Maxwell would have loved to command such troops... More to come on this when I can bring myself to post the right words at such sad news.
Take care