Sunday, 19 July 2015

Paint Your Wagons

Each Brigade in my 18th Century collection will have a token supply wagon... and I decided that, with the Brigades starting to take shape, it was high time to paint these pieces, otherwise it's the sort of job that would get left till the end, grow into a monster, and may never get done!

So, first up, French wagons for the first two Brigades (Picardie and Champagne brigades... named after the senior regiment in each brigade):

Note: the figure leading the wagon for the Champagne Brigade is a sergeant from The Bourbon Regiment (converted and painted by Mark Allen), one of the units in that Brigade. The rest is all my own handiwork. It's good to be back at the desk, larking about with the non-essential items for the collection!

Next, the wagon for the Pils Holstein guard brigade.

More on Brigade organisation in a forthcoming post... I've taken a few photos of some completed brigades to share soon.

Meanwhile, I've been painting a fresh unit, whilst also getting chance to view the film Alatriste (as recommended by those who commented on the previous post). I enjoyed it for the most part, but I was a little underwhelmed by the Rocroi scenes at the end. And, in addition, the film got me thinking about the nature of the "heroes" I have/ don't have empathy with in stories and films. Subject for a post somewhere down the line...


Carlo said...

Hi Phil,

What a tremendous idea and when you think about it, representing supply wagons for a brigade is transferrable across most of the H & M period. Might pinch this mate.

Sorry you didnt enjoy Alatriste as much as I did...enjoyed the drama at Lords last night a hell of a lot more though :^)

Graham C said...

Like these a lot. I need to start mine this just might give me the kick to do it.
What's the shade of blue on the French wagons?

Phil said...

Always interesting to see supply wagons on a table, and your job is excellent!

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Great supply wagons

Phil said...

Thank you all.
Carlo... normal service has been resumed in the cricket!! Which is why I deliberately avoided the subject!!!
Graham... the French wagon colours: base coat, Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue, then mixed with GW Shadow Grey, then GW Shadow Grey on its own, then top highlight is a mix of GW Shadow Grey (or modern equivalent), plus Ice Blue (or modern equivalent), plus white. Each layer dry-brushed in progressively lighter applications.
I am thinking of doing the French guns in same colour scheme, rather than in red.

Paul Robinson said...

Very nice they look too. Inspiration to go and get some for my collection too.

Chris Gregg said...

Great looking pieces Phil. Please excuse my ignorance but what make are the wagons? They are a rather nice design.

Phil said...

Thanks Paul, thanks Chris.
The wagons are from Front Rank... part of the consignment of stuff that arrived in that box the other day!