Thursday, 27 August 2015


It's unusual for me to have a lot of items on the workbench. I prefer to work on something to a finish before moving to the next unit.
However, there are several items at various stages of "finished" at the moment, as you can see.
The latest unit arrived yesterday, hot off the brush of David Jarvis. And mighty pleased I am with them. This is Prussian grenadier battalion Wedell (1/23).

In the background are some Austrians (aka "Astrovians" in the world of Pils Holstein) which I painted recently, and which are also in the process of basing, and flagging. More about these figures anon.

Swedish TYW Yellow regiment is also on the bench (back left)... just some work to finish on the flags and they are done.

More pictures to come once these are complete, but just wanted you gentle reader, a patient audience, to know I hadn't disappeared!!

Cheers for now


Anonymous said...

Very nice Phil, love the figures, while I ma not all that interested in TYW stuff, I do like your collection. Who are the horses for? (Top right of picture) and behind them there appears to be some officers, another wonderful vignette perhaps?


Phil said...

Cheers Paul.
You have eagle eyes! The horses are for the next batch of wagons, and the officers are artillery officers I've got loitering in a box on the work desk, waiting to be allocated a command!

Ian said...

Only three units on the go? I wish I was that restrained. Good looking figures too


Paul Robinson said...

Very nice they are too. I've always been impressed how you and Dave have very similar styles of painting that makes it hard to distinguish who did what.

Carlo said...

Nice and focussed Phil - the envy of all wargamers! Beautiful work.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Phil, happy to see someone is moving forward with his hobby! This post is just the thing this morning. The week has been too busy and filled with a bit too much drama, so some (almost) finished, wonderful toy solders are just the thing this morning. Thank you, and enjoy playing games with them once they march to the tabletop.

Best Regards,


Allan Tidmarsh said...

Nice selection of units to work on

Der Alte Fritz said...

Nothing like a little bit of eye candy from the Olley Collection to start one's day. Lovely figures.


Der Alte Fritz said...

BTW, I think that your TYW collection is one of the best looking war game armies that I have seen.

Phil said...

Thank you gentlemen!
Paul R - you are very kind. David's painting style is unique, and for this project, I merely attempt to copy for consistency sake.
Jim - the TYW collection is so very different from the marching lines of SYW figures isn't it. Nice to have that variety.
Thanks to all for commenting.
Stokes - it's good to know your early morning coffee time was brightened in some small way!

Martin Gane said...

Phil your collection is something to behold and has always been an inspiration to me. I was just wondering about the Kasket wearing Austrian in the background are they of your own creation ? They are of exactly the right heft , size and scale I am looking for. I would love to get my hand on one or see them close up. I was just hoping they were not your own and I might be able to purchase one somewhere.

Glad to see you have resurrected your 30YW armies they are terrific. Martin

Phil said...

Thanks for the comment Martin.
The Austrians are unavailable commercially, I'm afraid.min fact these were castings sold to me a number of years ago by John Ray. I hadn't done anything with them till now, as they are somewhat later (1770s) than my mid 18C timespan. However, I'm making them fictitious "Astrovians" to get round that anomaly!
Best regards