Saturday, 12 September 2015

Prussian Brigade

With the basing of the combined Grenadier Battalion, Weddell (Gren 1/23), the rank and file for the first Prussian Bde is complete...

 Figure painting by Dave Jarvis, basing by me.


This Brigade, therefore, includes:
IR 1 Winterfeldt
IR 7 Bevern
IR 23 Forcade
Gren 1/23 Weddell
+ a Light Gun

All that is required now is the Brigade Commander (probably von Winterfeldt), and the brigade supply wagon; plus I may add a couple of additional vignettes.

Again, as I have mentioned before, note the absence of drummers within the units themselves. This was a conscious decision and whilst some have criticised this approach, it serves my purpose, and the "look" of the thing seems right to me. Having too many command figures within units breaks them up to my eye, and I specifically want the predominant impression to be an "unbroken" line of bayonets on the marching rank and file. Drummers therefore appear only as super-numeries as part of vignettes dotted around between the lines.

So, this will be the formula for all my Prussian Brigades. Essentially three line battalions, plus one combined Grenadier battalion, plus a light gun, supply wagon, and commander.
This might appear to be a "fudge" in terms of representing units historically, as I have only single Battalion regiments, but it allows me to field a greater variety of units, and the proportion of Grenadiers throughout the army appears about right. Most importantly, I'm happy with it.


Phil said...

...and you can be happy with them, most impressive 'look', without drummers but with beautiful details, excellent job!

rct75001 said...

They look wonderful.

Your comment on the drummers has me thinking - but I like them. Maybe I will experiment with them in the rear rank so the frontage is the wall of bayonets.


warpaintjj said...

I am approaching my first SYW unit as you blog! I want 32 strong in line like you and may go for drummers etc behind or in front or beside, really not sure yet! I'll watch your progress with interest. Many thanks, Jeremy

MurdocK said...

You like them = all that matters.

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Nice brigade. The units look fine without the drummers in them, good idea to put them in vignettes.

Capt Bill said...

Very handsome lads,indeed!!!Bill

Phil said...

Thank you gentlemen.
My mojo is high on this project, thanks to your continued interest!

Chris Gregg said...

They look very smart Phil. I guess you will start a trend with your fans all ditching their drummer boys! Though maybe a little command stand vignette with drummers could be substituted when a unit is in march column.

Chrisbump said...

Beautiful Phil,

May I ask if the brigade wagon you mention serves a purpose in the games or is aesthetic?


Phil said...

Thanks Chris (Gregg and Bump).
At this stage I'm not sure whether I'll build brigade wagons into the rules in some way... But it's enticing to do so, even in just some small way.

Anonymous said...

Lovely brigade, always enjoy your updates