Monday, 11 January 2016

More Austrians!

Have just completed Salm-Salm regiment.
Not my "best brush" by any stretch of the imagination, but averaging 23 minutes per figure using my production-line method is getting me through these units!

Simple Method:
Undercoat (spray white), then block in main colours, then dip, then anti-shine varnish whole unit. Then, in batches of 6 figures, add top highlights. And it's as simple as that.

I've been keeping track of time spent on these Austrians and this method seems to score well. Not only that, but the method is making the painting practically effortless.
From 3 feet away they look ok, and en-masse they will look fine once based. Most importantly I'm happy with them - minimum effort for maximum output.
Next up, for this army, Hungarians and then Grenadiers.
Tipsi Pipsi is enjoying seeing the ranks of her Astrovian army growing!!


Colin Ashton said...

Phil, I like your approach to getting them on the table. Good looking unit too. I have a soft spot for Austrians of any era.


Stryker said...

That really is effective - I wish I could achieve that sort of output!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Agreed! They look mighty fine to me.

Best Regards,


warpaintjj said...

Looking good Phil.
Basing and pretty flags will turn these into real beauties.
Have a great year, best wishes,

Gary Amos said...

Don't usually bother wth the interim matting stage, but go straight to the highlighting. Yes, I'm that lazy. 😜

Phil said...

Thanks guys.
Gary - I find the anti-shine stage helps dramatically for the next stage as it helps pick out the detail even more.
I'm having fun experimenting with this army...

Allan Tidmarsh said...

The unit has come out very well with your production technique - well done

Chris Gregg said...

Very effective Phil and a similar method to mine for getting through those big battalions and squadrons for our Waterloo at 1:3. Clearly you don't really need to pay those professional chaps to paint your figures :-)

Phil said...

Thanks Allan and Chris.
I've got a new lease of painting life...

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look good to me! Always a very satisfied feeling to manage timely rates on painting figures and helps keep the mojo going.


Jiminho said...


Your speed painting method seems to have borne excellent fruit; the figures look very, very nice from here.

The best way to make a figure look good it to put another painted figure beside it, and so on!