Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Now is the Winter...

The title of the post is nothing more than a reference to the fact that we recently went to see Richard III (the play) performed at Leicester Cathedral, wherein rest Richard III's remains...


An excellent production, by Antic Disposition Theatre Company. Highly recommended.


Latest preparations for Partizan have included a vignette of von Rankl, who will command the Astrovian contingent...


Figures are conversions, and flag is linen. Painted by myself.
I'm also working on a Prussian command vignette.

I've just finished the Prussian campsite (there are just a few figures to be painted and added to the scene).
The basing production line has been in full swing, and by the weekend should be complete.

I'm starting to put together Display material, such as handouts and the like, and suddenly started wondering "why bother?"
Do you like to take away information about the games you see at shows?
Or are you happy to simply see a brief description of what the game is on a display board by the table?
Or something more?
Thoughts welcome in the comments box below.


Purp S said...

Stunning Phil!
Wish I had the patience to paint flags, I think it improves a unit so much.
Your style of basing is also most pleasing. I did try and imitate it once but didn't look right when I did it!



Paul Robinson said...

Looking good Phil.
As for handouts- quite like something that gives me an insight into something unusual. So innovative rules, history, or order of battle. Otherwise it's just another sheet for the recycling bin.

Robbie Rodiss said...

I think display boards are probably the way to go Phil, perhaps a couple of images of certain commanders etc would be nice.

Capt Bill said...

Amazing work mate. I still love the Bavarian Cuirassier flag you pained some years ago. It graces my bookcase...captbill

Conrad Kinch said...

Much preferred the original.