Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Forces mobilise

The Astrovian contingent is on the march, adding its strength to that of the French as tensions grow in relations with Pils-Holstein.
Here, von Rankl's Astrovian infantry brigade, supported by two light guns, and escorted by the French Hussars of regiment Nassau Saarbrucken, is crossing a stream en route to a rendezvous with the main French army.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife as to whether the Prussians will join the fray, and if they do, in what strength. The newly completed Hussars of HR1 (Sjekely) are certainly spoiling for a fight...

Other news:
Last week was on our annual pilgrimage to Harlaxton for Tai Chi summer school, which included weapons training using Broadswords! What's not to like?!!

Above: Our home for a week!
Below: wielding Broadswords!

So, I'm refreshed, renewed, re-energised, and currently engaged in the final preps for Partizan, which is almost upon us.
Expect a few updates leading up to the show as over the coming week I'll be building up to the battle with a little bit of scenario background to whet the appetite.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Your new hussars look terrific!

John Ray said...


You were a lucky man getting all my early Austrians and lots of cavalry, including the lovely Hussars Mark has painted for you, great flag.
Hope the game goes well at Newark.

Willie Anderson said...

Great Stuff Phil love this collection!



Purp S said...

Can't wait to see the game Phil!

Anonymous said...

Great build up, love the hussars


Conrad Kinch said...

The lads in that fourth photo aren't very lifelike are they?

Tsk tsk Phil - I thought better of your painting skills.

Carlo said...

Wonderful post Phil and like Jim, I think your Hussars look superb. Very much enjoyed your photo at the retreat. Looking very fit!