Thursday, 10 August 2017

Horse Grenadiers

The build-up of forces for the Neerfuncken game continues apace.
Latest allied horse to arrive on the scene are this fictional unit: The Saxe-Coburg Horse Grenadiers.

Figures are conversions of some John Ray cavalrymen, with my Prussian Grenadier heads added.

Riders painted by Dave Jarvis.
Horses and basing by me, and the flag is one of my linen creations.

Nicknamed "The Villans" (for obvious reasons for those who follow football), they could become my favourite unit in the collection.


Neil Moulden said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that I'm well enough to come and see your game.

Willie Anderson said...

Great work again Phil.

John Ray said...

Phil, very nice!

Did I not make the grenadier mitre ?

I still have many of the masters here and the original mould.


Stryker said...

What a splendid unit!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes, lovely figures and flag.

Best Regards,


Allan Tidmarsh said...

Handsome figures- a lovely regiment

Anonymous said...

A magnificent regiment


Andy McMaster said...

Those are very nice.