Friday, 14 September 2018

Heavy Horse

The latest unit to canter off the workbench is the Astrovian Kuirassiers von Klammer.
Fairly speedy paint job, but I think they look effective... in fact, quite threatening. Those Vaubarians had better beware.

This brings the orders of battle to the following...
Vaubarians: 2 Line Infantry Battalions, 1 Light Infantry (dismounted dragoons) regiment, 1 cavalry regiment, 2 guns.
Astrovians: 2 Line Infantry Battalions, 1 cavalry regiment.

Artillery from Hautmont Etrurie are being completed by Steve as we speak, and I'm going to be working on a unit of Astrovian light infantry next.
This means we will have enough for some games soon. Look out for the scenarios, layouts and deployments appearing here soon, and you'll also get some AARs too.

Meantime, I'm heading off to Sicily for a week, to be the father of the bride! My daughter, Victoria, gets married out there on Tuesday. Where did all the years go?


Chris Gregg said...

Great photos of a nice hunky unit - love the flag.
You are no stranger to public speaking but I am a veteran of two FoB speeches - audience attention span is only 7 minutes so pack in the laughs thick and fast and you will find you make a lot of new friends and maybe even get some drinks bought!
Good Luck

Peter Douglas said...

Great looking unit - the flag is very nice. Good luck and congrats on your upcoming duties. Worse places to have a wedding than Sicily!

Peter Douglas said...

Just noticed the unit's commander's name. is that a reference to kaiser karl the skier?

Phil said...

Well done, they look superb!

Duke of Baylen said...

Congratulations to Victoria. Have a great time in Sicily.


Phil said...

Thanks for your comments chaps. Well spotted on the unit commander's name, Peter D.

Anonymous said...

An excellent looking unit, Phil. And I thought the unit name was a reference to the sound of their swords on their Vaubarian opposites! Cheers, Rohan.