Friday 19 December 2014

Cause for Celebration

Just a quick update to say Merry Christmas to all the loyal readers, visitors and followers of the blog. In particular, a big thank you to all who commented, emailed and got in touch to express thoughts and condolences following the previous blog entry. Your words are much appreciated.

On an upbeat note...
Amidst a house move, office move, and the build up to Christmas, emerging from the mist, I have a new wargames room, onto the shelves of which I have found time to place many figures that have been in boxes for a couple of years...
... ooh!
Additionally stimulated by having the opportunity to sort through many old wargames magazines, this has resulted in an upsurge in plans for 2015...

So, what's on the agenda?
1. Continue the 18th Century project, on track to have 8 battalions of infantry per side by end of 2015.
2. Revisit the Thirty Years War project, finish off some units that need flags and basing, and get it out to a show in 2015 as a display game.
3. Do some scratch-building. One can never have too many buildings.
4. Finish the 18th century rules.

I also plan to game some more, including more such as the Dottingheim game conducted earlier this year and reported in previous blog entries wherein online pals act as proxy generals and I play out the action on the tabletop. 

For now, there's a copy of Carlo Pagnano's "Gilder-inspired" Sudan rules winging it's way to me. Of course, these are merely for reading and enjoying. There are no plans to use them... none whatsoever. Definitely not buying any figures. Definitely.

Whatever your plans for 2015, whatever your plans for the festive season, have a really good one... peace on earth, and wargaming aplenty.

Warmest festive wishes!