Sunday 2 January 2022

Looking ahead

I trust you had a good Christmas and New Year and are suitably rested and buoyed up for the months ahead with plenty of plans and ideas that make this hobby of ours so rich.

I see a lot of people posting their plans with tongue in cheek, or an air of defeatism, self-deprecation, or self-sabotage before the year starts... 

Come on chaps; stuff upper lip and all that. Defeatism and lack of belief did not defend Rourkes' drift, or charge the guns at Balaclava, or defend Hougoumont, or ... well, you get the idea.

So, for me, looking ahead:

I have decided to focus on getting one project 'finished' in 2022... namely the Wars of the Vaubarian campaign (WVS, c 1704).

My main focus will be the few remaining units, plus vignettes, and other supporting elements, wagons and so on. This amounts to around 180 'painting points' but of course could grow arms and legs!

The figure painting is only a part of what will constitute 'finished' and I plan to finally type up the tabletop rules for this project into a format where they may be made available, if anyone might be interested. Plus I would like to do some games to illustrate the rules.

So, that's my 2022. There is a clear goal for me, plus room for some flexibility to possibly go down some additional avenues as the opportunities arise... not least, maybe a WAB army, or whatever takes my fancy (fairly inevitable I think, and that's what the hobby is about for me).

So, whatever you have planned for the months ahead, I hope you have a prosperous year and enjoy your hobby. Because, in the end, that's all there is to it...

Best wishes for 2022.