Pils Holstein - mid-18th Century

This is my main wargaming project.
The setting is the fictional electorate of Pils-Holstein, circa 1744, and revolves around a combined French-Astrovian invasion. The Prussians have come to the rescue of Pils-Holstein.
The vast majority of the figures have been commissioned for my private collection and are not available commercially.
The buildings were created by Brian Rigelsford, painted by me, with the exception of the 'infamous' working windmill which I scratch-built myself.

The following photos were taken when I ran a display game at the Partizan wargames show in Newark in August 2017.

The rules I use are my own, and will be published, along with full details of the collection, the campaign, indeed the whole project, at some time in the future.

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  1. Mr. Olley,

    I have just read Wargaming in History, volume one, enjoyed it greatly, and am considering playing The War Game with multibased figures like your own army as described in the book. I am curious, though, as it wasn't specified: What modification was made to the War Game's close combat formations to account for your basing? It appears to require single figures to spread to either side of an attack column, which a unit with uniform bases couldn't do.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Burdoo
    Miami, Florida