Wednesday 29 October 2014

More TYW pictures added

Have added 38 more pictures to the Thirty Years War archive page (see link on right hand side)...

Here are just a few of what's included, from full table layouts and battle scenes, to individual units, command vignettes and small set-pieces (like the infamous witch vignettes, originally shown on my old Breitenfeld blog)...

Don't worry; the archives updating project is almost at an end, and I'll have some fresh stuff to show for my main 18th century Pils-Holstein project very soon.

Meanwhile, as always your comments are welcome... (it's the only way I know anyone's visiting and interested!!!).

Cheers for your support.


Sunday 19 October 2014

Archive added: League of Augsburg, Grand Alliance, Great Northern War... plus - more Napoleonics

Continuing the theme of adding old pictures to the archives pages on the right, I have added a page for League of Augsburg/ Grand Alliance/ GNW.
During the 1990s, this was the main thrust of my wargaming focus, and much of that time involved attending shows and putting on games under the banner of "The League of Augsburg" which frequently featured in the wargames press at the time. as some readers and blog visitors may remember.

Few photos remain, and many of the units have moved on to pursue their tabletop careers with other wargamers, in true mercenary style!
However, some pictures do remain, so I hope you will enjoy that little skip through wargaming history (or at least indulge my own nostalgia).

Here are a couple of my favourite units from the period as a taster...

Above: Balfour's Regt... from Killiecrankie.
Below: Jonkopping Regt - Swedish infantry from The Great Northern War.


I have also found a few more Napoleonic pictures and added them to that archive too.

Thanks to those who commented last time, and all who have been in touch expressing interest.

More to come soon...

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Napoleonics archive page added

And so it goes on...
I've added a Napoleonic archive page - see link on right.
Here's a taster, or two... or three...

The ECW was not such a catch then as only a couple of people commented on the previous post and ECW archive page (thanks Jeff and Chris). But I'm sure someone out there must like Napoleonics...?

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Archive page added - ECW

Over the years, I have dabbled in the ECW, though I have never really tackled the period "full-on".
However, I have a few snaps of some of the units I painted a number of years ago, so thought an ECW archive page would be an appropriate addition.

Here's a taster...

For more, see archive page link on right...

Thanks again for your supportive comments posted last time. It's encouraging to receive such feedback and tells me it's worth continuing to add more archives, so watch this space for more in the near future...

Thursday 2 October 2014

Archive added - Colonial NW Frontier

Thank you to those who commented on the Italian Wars archive page that I posted last time.
Buoyed by the seeming interest in past projects and collections, I have added a new archive page for the Colonial / NW Frontier project I built up in 2005-6.
See navigation link on right hand side of this page.

This collection was for games using the popular rule-set The Sword and The Flame (TSATF), and centred around the activities of the garrison at the fictional town of Ghabazaar.
Many tales of "derring-do" were recounted in the pages of The Ghabazaar Gazette, and the officers mess and clubhouse pavilion were awash with rumours about the enemy, led by the wicked Osman Bin Lina.

Here, a couple of sample pictures from one of the frequent ambushes on The Ghabazaar Express as it enters The Khyber Pass.

More to come soon...