Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Napoleonics archive page added

And so it goes on...
I've added a Napoleonic archive page - see link on right.
Here's a taster, or two... or three...

The ECW was not such a catch then as only a couple of people commented on the previous post and ECW archive page (thanks Jeff and Chris). But I'm sure someone out there must like Napoleonics...?


  1. Very nice Phil! Lovely painting.
    Why didn't you do more Napoleonics? Was it a passing phase only?

  2. Lovely stuff Phil.

    Did you go for the Peninsular or something more Continental?

  3. Those are very nice Phil. I've dabbled in Napoleonics a few times but never completed a project (other than the Hinchliffe Russians I did as a teenager!) but I've always liked Prussians and those Prussians are rather nice!

  4. Well, I love Napoleonics, but I love ECW too, and TYW, but my laptopdoes seem to gout of its way to make any commenting a major exerccise. So, keep the photos coming, they're excellent and very inspirational.

    Oh yeah, thanks!


  5. Thank you all for your comments.
    To answer a couple of specifics...
    Austin: it was several passing phases!...
    Conrad: I was doing something central European in the 1813 arena when doing the Prussians; then a few years later, I went for Waterloo campaign; then with the Austrians it was 1809 (reading Thunder on the Danube was the catalyst for this!).
    Thanks Gary - is the commenting difficult only on my blog, or is that common to others too. Just wondering whether I've got to do something in the blog settings to change it.
    Thanks again

  6. Hi Phil,
    No, the problem lies with my laptop. Used a big iMac up to a couple of months ago (who said Macs don't die?), but now relegated to an HP Pavilion - the Friday afternoon model. :O(