Thursday 23 July 2015

French Brigade

Thanks to those who commented on the previous post on the topic of brigades (Jim, Bill, Paul, Keith, Graham). Some interesting thoughts and viewpoints.

Continuing on...
Having looked at a small Pils-Holstein Brigade last time, it's time to turn attention to a French Brigade... This is The Picardie Brigade (so named after it's senior regiment, as all my French Brigades will be), comprising:
  • Brigadier: The Marquis of Genitalia
  • 4 Battalions of Infantry - Picardie, Normandie, Auvergne, Orleans.
  • 1 Light Gun
  • 1 Wagon

This seems to conform to pretty well what most of the commentors on the previous post are doing in terms of brigades in 18 Century, in terms of numbers of battalions etc.
Also included in the pictures above are a variety of "extras" - 2 piece vignettes, officers, drummers and the like... just to add flavour. They play no part in the rules, and are simply shown to add eye candy to the scene.

It's perhaps worth explaining that I'm using the terms "battalion" and "regiment" interchangeably as I have single battalion regiments in all armies. For me, there doesn't seem any point having 2 Picardie regiments in the collection, for example, when there are so many other nice units to represent (and differing flags to depict!).

Comments, as always, appreciated...

Tuesday 21 July 2015


Whilst during the mid-18th century, the organisation of armies into Brigades appears to have been a more administrative/ campaign construct rather than a battlefield formation, I am finding it useful to build up the orbats for the Pils-Holstein collection with a brigade structure.

And it may well be that I utilise this as an optional element within the tabletop rules, but that's a consideration for another time...

Whatever, I decided to develop the armies on the basis of Brigades, and that the French, Prussian, Pils-Holstein brigades would vary in size between the armies.

Here is a small Pils-Holstein Brigade (the Guards Brigade), consisting of:
  • Brigadier Maximillian von Bruch
  • 2 Battalions of Infantry:
     The Leibgarde Regiment
          - The Kronprinz Grenadiers.
  • 1 Light Gun
  • 1 Wagon.



This Brigade is a very small one, and other brigades on the "Allied" side will be 3-4 Battalions strong.

Next time, I'll show a French Brigade.

I would be interested to know whether  (and if so, how) other readers brigade their units in this period...

Sunday 19 July 2015

Paint Your Wagons

Each Brigade in my 18th Century collection will have a token supply wagon... and I decided that, with the Brigades starting to take shape, it was high time to paint these pieces, otherwise it's the sort of job that would get left till the end, grow into a monster, and may never get done!

So, first up, French wagons for the first two Brigades (Picardie and Champagne brigades... named after the senior regiment in each brigade):

Note: the figure leading the wagon for the Champagne Brigade is a sergeant from The Bourbon Regiment (converted and painted by Mark Allen), one of the units in that Brigade. The rest is all my own handiwork. It's good to be back at the desk, larking about with the non-essential items for the collection!

Next, the wagon for the Pils Holstein guard brigade.

More on Brigade organisation in a forthcoming post... I've taken a few photos of some completed brigades to share soon.

Meanwhile, I've been painting a fresh unit, whilst also getting chance to view the film Alatriste (as recommended by those who commented on the previous post). I enjoyed it for the most part, but I was a little underwhelmed by the Rocroi scenes at the end. And, in addition, the film got me thinking about the nature of the "heroes" I have/ don't have empathy with in stories and films. Subject for a post somewhere down the line...

Monday 13 July 2015

Inspiration or Distraction?

The other day, the following  DVDs dropped through the letter box here at Warcabinet HQ...

Their arrival was by no means a surprise, as I had ordered them in time for my birthday (any other readers occasionally buy themselves a birthday treat or two? No? Just me then!!). However, whilst no surprise, their arrival was met with a degree of unconcealed joy!

The 1864 series, I completely missed on TV, but thought it worth a boxed set punt.
Alatriste, I have been aware of for ages, and it had spent a long time in the "must get that some day" category.

The question is, which one to watch first?!

Can anyone comment/ recommend/ shed light on these?

Saturday 11 July 2015

More Prussians - IR23

This morning I have just finished basing the latest unit of Prussians...
IR23 - Regiment Forcade.
I have shown them with the 1740s flags, which I much prefer, rather than the plainer versions carried in the 1750s/SYW.

Figures painted by Dave Jarvis, flags by Mark Allen.

Talking of flags, I have today received from Mark the first two flags for an additional contingent that is to be depicted in the collection. You see, this past couple of weeks, I've had some time off. Time to consider the "ultimate orbat" for this project. And, yes, it's grown arms and legs!

I also received a box a few days ago...

...and have been working on some of the contents, whilst listening to the gripping first Ashes Test Match on the radio. The ideal way to relax on a summer's afternoon...

Thursday 2 July 2015

In Our Time

Caught most of the BBC Radio 4 programme, "In Our Time" tonight. Melvyn Bragg and guests discussing Frederick the Great.
Well worth seeking out on Listen Again thingy if you missed it.
Good for painting along to!