Thursday 23 July 2015

French Brigade

Thanks to those who commented on the previous post on the topic of brigades (Jim, Bill, Paul, Keith, Graham). Some interesting thoughts and viewpoints.

Continuing on...
Having looked at a small Pils-Holstein Brigade last time, it's time to turn attention to a French Brigade... This is The Picardie Brigade (so named after it's senior regiment, as all my French Brigades will be), comprising:
  • Brigadier: The Marquis of Genitalia
  • 4 Battalions of Infantry - Picardie, Normandie, Auvergne, Orleans.
  • 1 Light Gun
  • 1 Wagon

This seems to conform to pretty well what most of the commentors on the previous post are doing in terms of brigades in 18 Century, in terms of numbers of battalions etc.
Also included in the pictures above are a variety of "extras" - 2 piece vignettes, officers, drummers and the like... just to add flavour. They play no part in the rules, and are simply shown to add eye candy to the scene.

It's perhaps worth explaining that I'm using the terms "battalion" and "regiment" interchangeably as I have single battalion regiments in all armies. For me, there doesn't seem any point having 2 Picardie regiments in the collection, for example, when there are so many other nice units to represent (and differing flags to depict!).

Comments, as always, appreciated...


  1. Aah,what a great deployment. I like this regiments you have chosen to show us.
    Will you do some mercenaries, too? (Swiss, Scottish, Irish, Polish,..)?


  2. Looks very nice, Phil. I don't think you've told us how your ammo wagon per brigade is used in the game? Or is it just for show?

  3. An impressive brigade. I've always tended towards a war game organization of 2 battalions per brigade and two brigades per division, although that is more for Napoleonics!

  4. I've heard odd things about that guy de Gentalia.

    Best Regards,


  5. Thank you all.
    Peter - I have Swiss done, and Scots on the way. And yes, there will be Irish and Germans too.
    Chris - at the moment I'm considering what part the brigade wagons might play in the tabletop rules.
    Thanks again for all your comments.

  6. Excellent brigade formation, I plan similar for my Napoleonic French - except a few more guns!!, one can never have enough guns. Love the way you have put the collection together.


  7. Phil
    Who makes these excellent French figures?

  8. OK, now I see. These are for your own collection only. Very nice to be able to do this. Well done.

  9. Beautiful work once again Phil.