Sunday 2 June 2019

The Leibgarde

Presenting... The Vaubarian Leibgarde 

 The Leibgarde is commanded by Lt Col von Matthaus.

There are a few points to note about this unit which mark it out as different to other Vaubarian infantry regiments. 
First, the drummer does not have reversed coat colours. 
Second, the regiment has both its white flag and its blue flag featuring the Vaubarian coat of arms in the centre of the wreath.
Other regiments have a white flag with the Vaubarian coat of arms in the centre of the wreath (with regimental device in top corner near flagstaff), and a blue flag with regimental device in the centre of the wreath, and no coat of arms.

Other than that, the Leibgarde is a standard line battalion. They will not gain any elite classification on the tabletop.

Here is the whole Brigade on the march.

IR 1 = The Leibgarde (white cuffs)
IR2 = Regt Dremel (yellow facings)
IR 3 = Regt Breitner (red facings)

… commanded by Brigadier von Schweinsteiger.

Figures are Front Rank. Painted by yours truly, as were the flags.
Given that it's a fictional country, I wish I had chosen a simpler coat of arms/ flag design! 
Still, it passes the time whilst watching the cricket world cup... or Aston Villa's glorious exploits at Wembley last Monday. Some people thought I wouldn't get through a blog post without mentioning that fact. They were right!

That's all for now...