Saturday 19 February 2022

Regiment Wittgenstein

I have been painting, I promise, and along with a few vignette pieces, I have added this latest regiment to the 1704 Wars of the Vaubarian Succession (WVS) project.

These are the fictional Astrovian IR4 Wittgenstein... whose colonel is a beery swine who is just as sloshed as Schlegel (for the Monty Python fans - if you know, you know).

Anyway, here they are:

Figures are from Front Rank. Flags are hand painted on foil.

Other news:

I have been enjoying drawing inspiration from others' blogs, and one or two forums, plus engaging in email correspondence and the odd phone call with a few fellows. It all keeps us a little bit more sane than we otherwise might become... I think!

I came across a new blog that I recommend highly. It is worth taking the time to read - it's well written, witty, with some thought-provoking content. It's called My Year With Charles (by the Dog Who Drinks Paint), for reasons that become apparent. I suggest getting a cup of coffee, settling down, and going back to his starting post which makes some interesting points.

My Year With Charles

I have added the blog to my links on the right.

I have also enjoyed Der Alte Fritz's 54mm ancients project beginning to really take off, and Tidders' Sedan chair race was excellent. In addition, it was good to see that Graham C (Crann Tara/ Scotia Albion) will be exhibiting his Culloden game at Partizan. His reminiscences of the many years on the show circuit almost bought a tear to the eye. Well done Graham.

Cheers for now...