Tuesday 18 April 2017

Terrain and Re-enactment

In short, that's what I've been up to. Terrain and re-enactment.

I haven't made much terrain in quite a while, but decided that I needed to rectify this with the prospect of a display game at a show later in the year. So I've been visiting Homebase for the requisite materials, and getting very conversant with different shades of green paint!

I've booked to be at Salute this coming weekend.
I've got a few items to buy, a couple of people to meet, but mostly it's a "list-free" roam around excel... dangerous!

Other news: I had a very pleasant meeting recently with fellow hobbyist Steve at a rather nice little pub in The Cotswolds (The Plough in Stretton-on-Fosse - it being equidistant for our get-togethers). Three hours of putting the wargaming world to right culminated in a possible collaboration on a new horse and musket project. We're at the embryonic planning phase... that exciting bit where manufacturers' lists are studied, uniform references poured over, and orders of battle drawn up. Rules have been discussed, and I think we're getting close to the fateful moment when little lead men are ordered!

Meanwhile, yesterday saw the start of the re-enactment season, with a muster at Basing House.
Dianne came along and snapped a few images... more of which can be seen on my King's Dragoone blog.

Above: forming up in the pub car park! Some of us arrived very early to form up, and took our time over it!

Above: "Give Fire!" I'm on the extreme left of the block.

Below: we had a little powder left over at the end of the event, so myself and a couple of fellow dragoons from the regiment returned to the field to loose off some shots.  Here we are seen in the post-volley smokey haze, reloading. On the right is Rob Grace whose name will be familiar to some wargamers, then yours truly in centre, and Bob on the left of picture.

Like I said, more over on the King's Dragoone blog.

That's all for now. See some of you at Salute, no doubt. I'll be the one with no list, but bags of goodies! Probably!!