Friday 19 December 2014

Cause for Celebration

Just a quick update to say Merry Christmas to all the loyal readers, visitors and followers of the blog. In particular, a big thank you to all who commented, emailed and got in touch to express thoughts and condolences following the previous blog entry. Your words are much appreciated.

On an upbeat note...
Amidst a house move, office move, and the build up to Christmas, emerging from the mist, I have a new wargames room, onto the shelves of which I have found time to place many figures that have been in boxes for a couple of years...
... ooh!
Additionally stimulated by having the opportunity to sort through many old wargames magazines, this has resulted in an upsurge in plans for 2015...

So, what's on the agenda?
1. Continue the 18th Century project, on track to have 8 battalions of infantry per side by end of 2015.
2. Revisit the Thirty Years War project, finish off some units that need flags and basing, and get it out to a show in 2015 as a display game.
3. Do some scratch-building. One can never have too many buildings.
4. Finish the 18th century rules.

I also plan to game some more, including more such as the Dottingheim game conducted earlier this year and reported in previous blog entries wherein online pals act as proxy generals and I play out the action on the tabletop. 

For now, there's a copy of Carlo Pagnano's "Gilder-inspired" Sudan rules winging it's way to me. Of course, these are merely for reading and enjoying. There are no plans to use them... none whatsoever. Definitely not buying any figures. Definitely.

Whatever your plans for 2015, whatever your plans for the festive season, have a really good one... peace on earth, and wargaming aplenty.

Warmest festive wishes!


Friday 14 November 2014

Sad news

I can only just bring myself to report that the blog mascot, Jethro, has passed on, aged 16...

Goodnight my little pal. I'll miss you.
Sleep well, cheeky boy...

Monday 10 November 2014

French Dragoons

I recently recruited into my collection a unit of cavalry figures- French Dragoons- from the collection of John Ray, whose work will be known to many readers.
All I needed to do was add horses, and base the unit, and hey presto...

Originally the Orleans Dragoon Regt, these chaps sport the uniform of a period slightly later than that which I am depicting with my 18th century Pils Holstein collection. I love the green coats and helmets, and although I'm not a purist with this and am happy to leave these anomalies so that the project reflects uniforms from 1740-1760 ish, I wanted to rename this unit, and have labelled them The Chevaliers de Rouen - a fictional regiment, and I'm sure you get the pun. They are lead by their Colonel Theophillis d'En (Theo d'En) for those who need a nudge to get it...

More news on the project soon...

Wednesday 29 October 2014

More TYW pictures added

Have added 38 more pictures to the Thirty Years War archive page (see link on right hand side)...

Here are just a few of what's included, from full table layouts and battle scenes, to individual units, command vignettes and small set-pieces (like the infamous witch vignettes, originally shown on my old Breitenfeld blog)...

Don't worry; the archives updating project is almost at an end, and I'll have some fresh stuff to show for my main 18th century Pils-Holstein project very soon.

Meanwhile, as always your comments are welcome... (it's the only way I know anyone's visiting and interested!!!).

Cheers for your support.


Sunday 19 October 2014

Archive added: League of Augsburg, Grand Alliance, Great Northern War... plus - more Napoleonics

Continuing the theme of adding old pictures to the archives pages on the right, I have added a page for League of Augsburg/ Grand Alliance/ GNW.
During the 1990s, this was the main thrust of my wargaming focus, and much of that time involved attending shows and putting on games under the banner of "The League of Augsburg" which frequently featured in the wargames press at the time. as some readers and blog visitors may remember.

Few photos remain, and many of the units have moved on to pursue their tabletop careers with other wargamers, in true mercenary style!
However, some pictures do remain, so I hope you will enjoy that little skip through wargaming history (or at least indulge my own nostalgia).

Here are a couple of my favourite units from the period as a taster...

Above: Balfour's Regt... from Killiecrankie.
Below: Jonkopping Regt - Swedish infantry from The Great Northern War.


I have also found a few more Napoleonic pictures and added them to that archive too.

Thanks to those who commented last time, and all who have been in touch expressing interest.

More to come soon...

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Napoleonics archive page added

And so it goes on...
I've added a Napoleonic archive page - see link on right.
Here's a taster, or two... or three...

The ECW was not such a catch then as only a couple of people commented on the previous post and ECW archive page (thanks Jeff and Chris). But I'm sure someone out there must like Napoleonics...?

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Archive page added - ECW

Over the years, I have dabbled in the ECW, though I have never really tackled the period "full-on".
However, I have a few snaps of some of the units I painted a number of years ago, so thought an ECW archive page would be an appropriate addition.

Here's a taster...

For more, see archive page link on right...

Thanks again for your supportive comments posted last time. It's encouraging to receive such feedback and tells me it's worth continuing to add more archives, so watch this space for more in the near future...

Thursday 2 October 2014

Archive added - Colonial NW Frontier

Thank you to those who commented on the Italian Wars archive page that I posted last time.
Buoyed by the seeming interest in past projects and collections, I have added a new archive page for the Colonial / NW Frontier project I built up in 2005-6.
See navigation link on right hand side of this page.

This collection was for games using the popular rule-set The Sword and The Flame (TSATF), and centred around the activities of the garrison at the fictional town of Ghabazaar.
Many tales of "derring-do" were recounted in the pages of The Ghabazaar Gazette, and the officers mess and clubhouse pavilion were awash with rumours about the enemy, led by the wicked Osman Bin Lina.

Here, a couple of sample pictures from one of the frequent ambushes on The Ghabazaar Express as it enters The Khyber Pass.

More to come soon...

Sunday 21 September 2014

New Archive - Italian Wars

Have stumbled across a load of my old wargames photos from way back in the "heady days" of running demo games in the 1990s and 2000s.
So, decided to add to the archives pages (see links on right) over the coming weeks.
Have just added the Italian Wars page.


More to come...

Sunday 14 September 2014

Dottingheim Battle Report

Thanks to those who commented previously requesting to see some of the action.
I personally don't like reading blow by blow wargame accounts, so won't bore you with that here... just a few pictures and maps.
Suffice to say that the action was a tense affair, and an experiment. We ran this game online, with the 2 commanders having been emailed their briefings and maps, sending me their respective deployments earlier in the week.
I played out the game and sent regular sitreps via the AMG forum, and the commanders then texted me updates to their orders (as well as hurled banter at each other on the forum, egged on by quite an assembled throng of witty onlookers).
I posted photos and maps as often as I could, every 2 turns or so.
Certainly, the fog of war was recreated very effectively, and the good nature of the participants tested!
Thanks to Graham Cummings and Chris Sinclair for being so gracious with their time, and playing the parts magnificently.
In the end a close game, with the cunning French plan almost succeeding. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to carry the day, and the Pils Holstein defence held out.

Anyway, here are just a few maps and pictures from the game.

Above: the initial deployments
Below: The situation at turn 4. Note the arrival of reinforcements.
Above: "Der Grossenbomber". Baron von Bluttrott, commander of Pils Holstein artillery, observes the scene and chooses targets!
Below: Grassins in the wheatfields

Above and below: the firefights develop, and meanwhile Der Grossenbomber has landed a shell between regiments Picardie and Auvergne.
Below: the ill-fated French assault on Dottingheim hill. Pils Holstein Leibarde and Kronprinz Grenadiers let loose some crushing volleys.

Below: endgame!

Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

The Battle of Dottingheim

It's hotting up in Dottingheim and environs.
The sketch map shows the tabletop layout.

It is September, and in Pils Holstein the harvest is about to begin, although the recent heavy rains have delayed this somewhat.
Rumours of a build-up of French forces for one of their probing attacks into the borderlands of Pils Holstein are not uncommon. But of late, these have been rather more consistent, and an attack in the area of Dottingheim seems imminent.

With Markgraf Heinrich having been replaced in local command now making his way to Breitlinghoven to attend to urgent affairs on his estates, his successor, von Kreist, assesses the position.
Rumours of a build-up of French forces just across the border mean that he will reinforce this position, guarding the crossing points and fords over the Trentenbruch. The watercourse has been swollen by the late summer rains, giving von Kreist time to assemble a blocking force to assist the militia gun-team who permanently man the gun position ("Der Grossenbomber") atop the hill.
As the golden wheat in the fields around Dottingheim sways in the breeze, Kreist realises the air is warm, and that means the ground will soon dry out... and a French attack will be more likely.

Briefings have been sent to the respective commanders, and we're ready for the showdown this coming Saturday.

Tuesday 2 September 2014

New unit - Regiment Auvergne

Just a quick post as I've finished basing the latest French infantry battalion - Auvergne - who are now marching to take up their post ready for the attack on Dottingheim.

Figures painted by James Brewerton, flags by Mark Allen.
A number of people have been in touch to ask, and I thought I should clarify: The figures are my own range, and not for sale. I decided, when embarking on the project that I wanted something unique to my collection, and so elected to have the figures specially commissioned.

Whilst I'm answering queries: someone (Austin) asked in the comments o the previous blog post whether I would be doing a full report on the Dottingheim game here. The answer is... no, not really. I will do the unfolding updates on the AMG forum. However, a short report and a few pictures may appear here, after the event.
Hope that clarifies.


Sunday 31 August 2014

Forthcoming Battle - at Dottingheim

It will soon be time for a game...
And it will be a game with a difference. With the help of some willing volunteers I'll be running it "online" - on the AMG forum. The players will receive a briefing, battlemap, and list of units in order to give me (via Private Message)their general orders and plan of attack. I'll play out the game by proxy, and post updates on the forum for the respective commanders to text me any order changes. I'll continue to post up progress reports throughout the day, and no doubt the assembled forum members will heckle the efforts of the commanders from a safe distance.
Two members have taken up the challenge and been appointed in command, although there has been a substitution on the Pils Holstein side as Markgraf Heinrich suddenly found he had business elsewhere (at his estates in Breitlinghoven) and was replaced by one von Kreist in command of the local forces around Dottingheim.
Meanwhile, one Chevalier Graham, a Jacobite Scots emigree, eager to impress at Versailles, is mustering a French force near the border.

Here is the terrain laid out, looking across the Trentenbruch from the French side towards Dottingheim:

Below: the camp of the Pils Holstein militia gun team. This is a permanent garrison, manning the large gun emplacement overlooking a number of fords across the Trentenbruch.

Below: the town of Dottingheim:
The action will take place around the 13th September.
Meantime, I've been basing up more units, hurrying to take part in the action, and also recently sorted all my castings into unit bags, and created a painting schedule... that should take us well into the next year!
This summer I've also been to Edgehill...

and for a week's martial arts training and Tai Chi at Harlaxton Manor...

No wonder I don't get much time to post blog updates!
But, a big "Thank you" to those who visit and continue to comment. Much appreciated.
All the best for now.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

The Prussians are coming!

Prussian regiment Winterfeldt.

Figures and flags painted by Mark Allen.

It's been a quiet time on the hobby front, but things are tickling along steadily in the background and the forces are building. This Prussian regiment is probably my favourite... don't know why, but being IR1 and having performed well at most actions they are recorded at, from Mollwitz onwards, I always had a penchant for them.

Coming soon... more French.
And, I'm looking forward to getting the troops on the table at the end of this month for a little game...

Saturday 17 May 2014

A Growing Menace

Just finished basing the latest French infantry regiment: Orleans.

Figures painted by James Brewerton, flags by Mark Allen.

 The French force is growing, and the good folk of Pils Holstein are getting nervous...

Time for Pils Holstein to call upon some allies... 
Is help on the way?

Sunday 27 April 2014

Grenadiers de France

Just a few snaps of my latest unit...
The Grenadiers de France. Painted by Mark Allen, with flags by Mark too.

This past week I have got on with basing these, and took these snaps on my iPad to record progress - I posted a full tutorial/ description of the process on John Ray's AMG forum and it garnered much interest, so I thought it worth a couple of pics here, as I know it's such a hot topic for wargamers everywhere!

The key for this style of basing is it's simplicity and "un-fussiness." It is reminiscent of the style pioneered by Peter Gilder, and is of course my version of the basing presented by John Ray. As well as the simplicity, it's also very robust and doesn't detract from the figures at all. Each to their own, but it's definitely working for me, for this project.

With James Brewerton having completed painting the next unit on the French roster (they are due to arrive this coming week), I'm glad I have got up to date with my basing backlog!

I'm mindful that I haven't yet presented the promised battle report from the Altenkirchen game played recently, but it's not forgotten (I'll do it when I get chance!), but thanks to all who regularly pop by this blog, and thank you for your continued interest and comments.
Cheers for now...

Monday 31 March 2014

Tricorne Banging!

A new craze in Pils Holstein - Tricorne banging.
Gotta watch this, it's awesome!

Will it catch on do you think?
Pils-Holstein's got talent!!
More wargame related stuff soon.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Action at Altenkirchen

A recent game set up:

- the scene from behind the French lines.

Forces involved:

Commanded by Prinz Albrecht of Pils-Holstein
Second in command: Brigadier Maximillian von Bruch.
1. Pils Holstein Leibgarde (30 figs)
2. Kronprinz Grenadiers (30 figs)
Light Infantry
1. Kurtz Jagers (14 figs)
1. Kronenbrau Kuirassiere Regt (20 figs)
2. Transvladak Uhlanen (10 figs)
2 Light Guns.

Commanded by Marshall Saxe
Second in Command: The Marquis of Genitalia
1. Picardie Regt (30 figs)
2. Diesbach Regt (30 figs)
Light Infantry
1. Arquebusiers de Grassin (28 figs)
1. Edelweiss Hussars (20 figs)
2. Nassau Saarbruchen Volunteer Hussars (10 figs)
2 Light Guns.

Will report on the action when I get a moment!

Sunday 2 March 2014

A Small French Force

Having shown the progress of the Pils Holstein forces previously, here are the French forces to date...

Left to Right: Arquebusiers de Grassin; Picardie Regt supported by Diesbach Regt. and flanked by 2 light guns; Edelweiss Hussars supported by a squadron of Nassau Saarbruchen Volunteer Hussars.

Below: French Infantry Brigadier: The Marquis de Genitalia. Converted figure. Painted by Mark Allen.

This weekend saw the first small action, played out between the French force shown and The Pils Holstein contingent depicted a couple of posts ago. A thoroughly enjoyable encounter and a chance to test out rules.
Report, maps and photo dossier being compiled as we speak.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

French Infantry Regiment Picardie

Despite the disappointment of the Rugby result at the weekend, it's time I showed the first of the completed French infantry battalions.

The Picardie Regiment.

Painted by James Brewerton, flags by Mark Allen, and basing by myself.
Sadly, not a great photo... doesn't do James' painting full justice.

More French figures are on the basing conveyor belt and when complete will allow a small action to take place. And even more have been added to the painting production line. The invasion force is starting to build!