Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Growing Menace

Just finished basing the latest French infantry regiment: Orleans.

Figures painted by James Brewerton, flags by Mark Allen.

 The French force is growing, and the good folk of Pils Holstein are getting nervous...

Time for Pils Holstein to call upon some allies... 
Is help on the way?


  1. Beautiful units, love this army!

  2. Your French army is coming together quite nicely. Can you talk a little about the terrain cover: boards or a mat? It really looks good.

    The basing looks very nice too.


  3. Very nice Phil - there is nothing as entertaining as a miniatures arms race!

  4. Another cracking regiment; the french force is building nicely

    -- Allan

  5. "Is help on the way?"
    You are always teasing your readers......Do you need any help?

  6. What a tremendous unit Phil. Love the flags too.
    The French force is building nicely.
    I love visiting your blog... It's the only one I ever feel moved to comment on as it's always purely about building a collection, painting, basing, and genuine wargame stuff. Too many blogs are going "off topic" these days... I get tired of reading about supposed "real life" stuff... I've got enough of that myself without reading about other people's problems about work, home, health etc. I look at wargaming blogs for wargames inspiration as an escape from all that, and your blog does exactly that. Thank you.
    Keep up the great work.

  7. Thank you all for your encouragement.
    Jim - the terrain is a mat. I like it because it doesn't dominate at all, allowing the figures to be seen at their best. It looks a little more brown on the photos than it really is, but it has a nice muted tone to it.
    Austin - I aim to make the blog somewhere people can come to escape and enjoy the journey without the angst, challenges and problems of "real life" (as people call it) getting in the way. Glad you are enjoying the blog.
    Many thanks

  8. Just looking at your blog(s) reminds me to sit down and relax on the painting table.
    What rules do you use for your imagination games.


  9. I found this through your Charge! blog, a book I remember fondly from discovering it in my college library. Are your regiments designed for it?

  10. An impressive army you build, great! I like the decent tones of the colors you use, not lush at all. So realistic! An eye candy..