Thursday 20 October 2016

Making a Contribution

Like many, I was so sorry to hear of the recent passing of "Bluebear" Jeff Hudelson.

I had never met Jeff in person, but we had exchanged emails, and he had written a contribution for my little magazine "The Classic Wargamers' Journal" (more of which in a moment).

More importantly, Jeff had contributed (there's that word again) hugely to the hobby, and particularly the Imagi-Nations and 18th century arena of the hobby, by setting up the Emperor vs Elector blog. There can't be many readers here who haven't also visited E v E, even if only for the comprehensive listing of other blogs, compiled in order of latest post... so handy for a quick check of who's doing what.

So, thank you Jeff for your contribution.
No doubt, you also contributed when at the tabletop amongst your wargaming buddies too. And my thoughts go out to them, for they will have lost a good friend and valued "opponent."

Jeff's games had a certain "look" to them. Not to everyone's taste, I'm sure, but Jeff had settled on what he wanted and it had a homogenous, cosy, comfortable appeal. His ECW collection was also one of my favourites.

So, here's to you Jeff... a true contributor to the hobby. Well done. And thank you.

Talking of contribution...

It's good to see Stokes and Greg getting their new venture going
- see
for details.

And thank you, Stokes and Greg, for the kind words about The Classic Wargamers' Journal in the introduction to the new venture.
I do hope it's a great success. And I hope I'll be able to contribute in some way.

So, over to those readers and surfers who sit on the sidelines ... go on, why not contribute.

I see so many people online, in forums, and so on, bemoaning the aging of the hobby, the diminishing hobby numbers, and wondering about the future of the hobby.

You know, regardless of numbers, as long as those who are in our little hobby make a contribution, then it will flourish. It will.
Just as the small band of Grants, Youngs, Featherstones, et al contributed in the past.
They were "net givers."
And regardless of numbers, it's "net givers" that we need.
Just like the Grants, Young, and Featherstone...  and yes, the Jeff Hudelsons of the world.
And you...

Sunday 16 October 2016

High Standards

Back to the Macedonian Successors, and just finished these two pieces:

First: The Army Standard Bearer


 Second: a small Infantry Command Vignette.

Standards are linen, hand-painted.

Sunday 9 October 2016

Prussian IR19 - Markgraf Karl

Finished basing these fellows the other day, so here in all their glory is IR19 - Markgraf Karl.

Painting by Dave Jarvis, flags by Mark Allen.

Thursday 6 October 2016

How could I forget? ... and Florence!

Last time I laid out my plans for the various aspects of the projects I have running, and it was only a short while later that I realised I had made one glaring omission.
How could I forget my Classic Wargaming collection?
Of course, this aspect of my hobby is largely covered by my other blog:

All my Spencer Smith figures were sold off a while ago, but I still have the Staddens - the likes of Erbprinz Regt and the artillery batteries, amongst others.
Of late I've been thinking about what I now do with this collection, and how to build it to some semblance of "finished." I'm not in any great hurry, but I do have a couple of ambitions in this area. So, I guess that makes 5 hobby arenas.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed a late summer break: just a few days away in sunny Florence - a place I had visited before, but of which I never tire. Now, I could show pictures of wonderful art, architecture, and restaurants. Needless to say these featured high on the list of activities. But for wargamers something more interesting, perhaps, was on show, just near the Uffizi Galleries:

Make of that what you will. I thought it a nice interesting piece.

Oh and yes, I've been back at the painting desk, with progress on a couple of fronts. Photo to follow soon...

Meanwhile, all the best...