Thursday 6 October 2016

How could I forget? ... and Florence!

Last time I laid out my plans for the various aspects of the projects I have running, and it was only a short while later that I realised I had made one glaring omission.
How could I forget my Classic Wargaming collection?
Of course, this aspect of my hobby is largely covered by my other blog:

All my Spencer Smith figures were sold off a while ago, but I still have the Staddens - the likes of Erbprinz Regt and the artillery batteries, amongst others.
Of late I've been thinking about what I now do with this collection, and how to build it to some semblance of "finished." I'm not in any great hurry, but I do have a couple of ambitions in this area. So, I guess that makes 5 hobby arenas.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed a late summer break: just a few days away in sunny Florence - a place I had visited before, but of which I never tire. Now, I could show pictures of wonderful art, architecture, and restaurants. Needless to say these featured high on the list of activities. But for wargamers something more interesting, perhaps, was on show, just near the Uffizi Galleries:

Make of that what you will. I thought it a nice interesting piece.

Oh and yes, I've been back at the painting desk, with progress on a couple of fronts. Photo to follow soon...

Meanwhile, all the best...


  1. Florence is certainly a beautiful city so well done Phil - very envious.

    How are those Successors progressing mate? We have been going very hard with Simons To The Strongest rules at the club and enjoying them enormously. Pop past the blog to see if like the look of the grid based game Phil.

  2. A fearsome looking piece.

    Looking forward to seeing how your other projects are going - especially those projects that involve wearing pith helmets.

  3. Thanks Carlo, Paul, Conrad.
    Carlo: The Successors are coming along nicely. I'll be posting some pics in a couple of weeks or so. I like what you're doing with "To The Strongest." In fact, I had a good chat with Simon at Partizan, and enjoyed seeing his Raphia game. I'm committed to W&C... for now! Mind you, it looks as if both systems can be played with the same armies: ie no differences in basing etc. So flexible for the future.
    Conrad: things are also developing with the Colonial/ Ghabazaar project too... developments involving a small publication in the new year. Nothing to get too excited about yet, but watch this space...