Macedonian Successors

Set around 310-280BC, this is a campaign between competing successor states, vying for control over a small region of Asia Minor in the aftermath of the death of Alexander the Great.
The project pits two fictitious Successor states against each other in the form of The Macadamians and The Antithesids. The former are akin to the Antigonid dynasty, and the latter are more Seleucid in style.

Here are a few photos, so far...

Below: Macadamian army

The Macadamian commander, the little-remembered Philipolytas "The Great" (in his words) - although to the men under his command, he's often referred to as Philipolytas "The Average!"

Below: Antithesis II.

Below: Macadamian phalanx

Below: Anithesid phalanx

Below: Macadamian cavalry

Companion cavalry...
(Foundry riders on 1st Corps horses).

Below: infantry Taxiarch

Below: Elite Peltasts. These are the successors to Alexander's Hypaspists. I've depicted a few of these retaining the older style round bronze shields whilst the majority of the unit has made the transition to the newer Thureos.
(Foundry figures with 1st Corps Thureos shields).

Below: Light troops. These can be fielded for either side.
There are two units of Peltasts, a unit of Thracians, a unit of Scythian horse archers, a unit of skirmish archers, a unit of skirmish javelinmen, and a unit of Cretan archers.

Below: Thracians

Macadamian skirmishers...

And an elephant... more of these beasts to come...

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  1. A most beautiful Army...excellent work.