Wednesday 29 August 2018

Dismounted Dragoons

Next unit finished... Vaubarian dismounted dragoons.
This is regiment Muller. They operate as light troops, making them The Muller Lights. Groan!!

The workbench is groaning under the pressure of preps for a game (or three!) that I'm planning to host in the not too distant future - the start of this particular collection being used "in anger" on the tabletop.
I have 3 scenarios in mind to be played out in one day, and whilst the collection is in the early stages, and the orbats are limited somewhat, there will be sufficient tactical challenges to keep the two visiting commanders entertained for the day...
Can you guess which scenarios I have in mind (most readers will know them, I'm sure).

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Comments. Links and a note on Productivity

Thanks everyone for the comments on yesterday's post. I'm glad the Schrodinger pun wasn't lost on some people... 

Today, I added a few new links and updated the blogroll at the sidebar (it saves me having to keep looking in my favourites list).

One blog particularly worthy of note is "Chasseur." Now, I don't know the chap who runs it (I think he's on the underside of the world), but his blog is excellent. I particularly like his take on painting productivity. He bashes out Napoleonics at a phenomenal rate, and some of his older posts on the psychology of turning out such large numbers are really worth a read. Well done that man.

It reminded me of the old "Painting Points" concept that I originally put forward around 13 years ago. Yep, I checked, 2005. 
I still see people referring to "Olley points" or "Painting Points" occasionally, and many of them will have no idea who I am!

The idea behind Painting Points is to have a productivity measure. It doesn't have to be a huge target (this is a hobby, after all), but a sense of how much you are really getting done is useful. The scoring is 1 point for infantryman, 2 for cavalry (1 for rider, 1 for horse) and so on. Simple. The value is in both keeping tally of output, and also in planning new projects. It's no good planning, and hoping, to produce the Battle of Leipzig at 1:20, if your average painting output is 14 figures a year. You'll become despondent in no time, and the butterflies will take hold.

Think about it. How many figures have you painted in the last 6 months, or the whole of this year so far? Get the average monthly output. That gives you a clue as to what you can produce. Now, if you were really focussed I'm sure you could up it a little, just by turning off the TV, or setting aside a very specific part of the evening to paint, or whatever rhythm you want to create. So, if you've averaged 12 figures per month in the last 6 months, how about a stretch to 15; or if it's been 33, what about upp'ing it to 40 per month. If 87, why not aim at 100. It's not about bragging about who is whacking out the most stuff. What's important is the steady build on a decent output for you.

Now, there will always be distractions and things that prevent the brush getting wet. I myself have a varied and busy life. In September, I'll be travelling a fair bit, and have plenty of business and other stuff going on. And it may be that the month to come prevents me getting to the paint desk much at all. 

But, in the normal run of life, that's where the painting points helps you. It's not about those times when it would be impossible to paint. It's about those times when all is "normal" - and when all sorts of distractions and procrastinations could get in the way. Remove those distractions, get a clear target in mind, and go for it.

Take some time to read Chasseur's post about his approach to painting Napoleonics in volume. Then set to work.

Monday 20 August 2018

Special Dispensation

This is Astrovian Infantry Regt 2. Schrodinger's Regt.

The Colonel of the regiment, von Schrodinger, visited the Emperor to get a special dispensation...
He requested that, instead of having the usual Astrovian black eagle on the flags, he might be allowed to replace it with a yellow one. He reasoned that, given the flags are black/white, it would be difficult to see the usual black eagle, and that people wouldn't be sure it was there or not.
The special allowance was granted.
Von Schrodinger's great, great, great grandson was to gain notoriety some years later - something to do with a cat.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Normal Service...

What a summer! And it's not over yet!!
Amongst the glorious sunshine, I've had a good few weeks rest and recuperation, including my annual Tai Chi and Kung Fu retreat at summer school.
The venue is certainly conducive to a week away from the norm...

Harlaxton Manor, near Grantham, Lincs

Time off means reading, thinking and planning, as well as getting some painting done. And I've got some new stuff to show, just as soon as I can get a decent photo shoot done. Maybe this coming weekend.
So, wargaming updates will be resuming shortly...

Not sure whether to bother with Partizan on Sunday - convince me, someone...