Monday, 20 August 2018

Special Dispensation

This is Astrovian Infantry Regt 2. Schrodinger's Regt.

The Colonel of the regiment, von Schrodinger, visited the Emperor to get a special dispensation...
He requested that, instead of having the usual Astrovian black eagle on the flags, he might be allowed to replace it with a yellow one. He reasoned that, given the flags are black/white, it would be difficult to see the usual black eagle, and that people wouldn't be sure it was there or not.
The special allowance was granted.
Von Schrodinger's great, great, great grandson was to gain notoriety some years later - something to do with a cat.


  1. That is a very nice flag! Good decision by Von Schrodinger and the Emperor

  2. Lovely work, love the flag. I am somewhat surprised that it doesn't feature a heraldic cat (or maybe it does?)

  3. Never trust a cat, they are very crafty.

  4. Lovely looking regiment and flag!


  5. Von Heisenberg's regiment had a different problem, If they knew how fast they were marching they could never be sure where they were.

  6. Haha! Glad the Schrodinger pun wasn't lost on people... people like you guys who are as mad as I am (I'm looking at you 3rd95th!!).
    Thanks for the comments

  7. A fine addition to the Astrovian forces, Phil. I am also now one step wiser regarding quantum wonderful is the breadth of our hobby! :-D Best wishes, Rohan.