Monday 31 March 2014

Tricorne Banging!

A new craze in Pils Holstein - Tricorne banging.
Gotta watch this, it's awesome!

Will it catch on do you think?
Pils-Holstein's got talent!!
More wargame related stuff soon.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Action at Altenkirchen

A recent game set up:

- the scene from behind the French lines.

Forces involved:

Commanded by Prinz Albrecht of Pils-Holstein
Second in command: Brigadier Maximillian von Bruch.
1. Pils Holstein Leibgarde (30 figs)
2. Kronprinz Grenadiers (30 figs)
Light Infantry
1. Kurtz Jagers (14 figs)
1. Kronenbrau Kuirassiere Regt (20 figs)
2. Transvladak Uhlanen (10 figs)
2 Light Guns.

Commanded by Marshall Saxe
Second in Command: The Marquis of Genitalia
1. Picardie Regt (30 figs)
2. Diesbach Regt (30 figs)
Light Infantry
1. Arquebusiers de Grassin (28 figs)
1. Edelweiss Hussars (20 figs)
2. Nassau Saarbruchen Volunteer Hussars (10 figs)
2 Light Guns.

Will report on the action when I get a moment!

Sunday 2 March 2014

A Small French Force

Having shown the progress of the Pils Holstein forces previously, here are the French forces to date...

Left to Right: Arquebusiers de Grassin; Picardie Regt supported by Diesbach Regt. and flanked by 2 light guns; Edelweiss Hussars supported by a squadron of Nassau Saarbruchen Volunteer Hussars.

Below: French Infantry Brigadier: The Marquis de Genitalia. Converted figure. Painted by Mark Allen.

This weekend saw the first small action, played out between the French force shown and The Pils Holstein contingent depicted a couple of posts ago. A thoroughly enjoyable encounter and a chance to test out rules.
Report, maps and photo dossier being compiled as we speak.