Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Small French Force

Having shown the progress of the Pils Holstein forces previously, here are the French forces to date...

Left to Right: Arquebusiers de Grassin; Picardie Regt supported by Diesbach Regt. and flanked by 2 light guns; Edelweiss Hussars supported by a squadron of Nassau Saarbruchen Volunteer Hussars.

Below: French Infantry Brigadier: The Marquis de Genitalia. Converted figure. Painted by Mark Allen.

This weekend saw the first small action, played out between the French force shown and The Pils Holstein contingent depicted a couple of posts ago. A thoroughly enjoyable encounter and a chance to test out rules.
Report, maps and photo dossier being compiled as we speak.


  1. A lovely growing force, Phil.
    Looking forward to the battle report.

  2. Lovely, lovely work.

    Roll on the battle reoprt.

  3. Great looking force Phil - always great to see teh work of Mark Allen and still remember ith fondness his work in WI all those years ago!

  4. Very nice looking troops!

  5. Thanks guys.
    Carlo- Mark has done a great job on the flags, and he and James have painted the infantry beautifully. I'm really pleased with the progress of the project. Much more to come soon...

  6. Love the Marquis - looking forward to the battle report

    -- Allan

  7. Looks great Phil. Marquis de Genitalia? Is that a fleur de lys on his holster ccver or is he just pleased to see us? :-)