Tuesday 4 February 2014

French Infantry Regiment Picardie

Despite the disappointment of the Rugby result at the weekend, it's time I showed the first of the completed French infantry battalions.

The Picardie Regiment.

Painted by James Brewerton, flags by Mark Allen, and basing by myself.
Sadly, not a great photo... doesn't do James' painting full justice.

More French figures are on the basing conveyor belt and when complete will allow a small action to take place. And even more have been added to the painting production line. The invasion force is starting to build!


  1. Excellent looking regiment!

  2. The French look in fine form and those flags are beautiful. Once again, splendid effort, look forward to seeing the collection progress.

    What made you chose 30 figure battalions?



    p.s. also like the basing

  3. Agreed on all previous comments. The flag cords too are a nicely done touch.

    Best Regards,


  4. They look excellent. Especially the flags.

  5. Fab looking unit indeed Phil. Pass on my congrats to James.

    Great stuff and i hope to see them on a wargames table very soon.


  6. Cheers everyone.
    All your comments are much appreciated.

    Paul - The reasons for the 30 figure battalions are many and varied… the monster units of 54-60+ figures look brilliant, but I wanted something more practical to allow me to field more units, more brigades, and hence have "bigger" battles on a smaller table area.
    I also think that the large battalions look wonderful, until they wheel sideways and reach half way across the tabletop!
    I may talk more about unit size and composition in later posts.