Archive Gallery

Over the years, I've embarked upon wargames projects in a variety of periods.
Many of these projects have culminated in display games at shows, many have been featured in the wargaming press, and many have adorned the pages of well-known wargaming books
Most of the projects I undertook prior to 2005 were as part of The League of Augsburg "group"... and strangely very few photos exist from that time.
However, since then I have been more diligent in photographing my collections, and this gallery features just a few of those projects:

Above: Sassanids
Below: Picts

Below: Byzantines






Below: Italian Wars

Below: English Civil War

Below: Eastern Renaissance (17th Century Poles v Cossacks)




Below: Great Northern War Swedish Regiment Jonkoppings.

Below: my previous mid-18th century/ SYW collection.






Below: Napoleonics

Below: North West Frontier

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