Thursday 27 August 2015


It's unusual for me to have a lot of items on the workbench. I prefer to work on something to a finish before moving to the next unit.
However, there are several items at various stages of "finished" at the moment, as you can see.
The latest unit arrived yesterday, hot off the brush of David Jarvis. And mighty pleased I am with them. This is Prussian grenadier battalion Wedell (1/23).

In the background are some Austrians (aka "Astrovians" in the world of Pils Holstein) which I painted recently, and which are also in the process of basing, and flagging. More about these figures anon.

Swedish TYW Yellow regiment is also on the bench (back left)... just some work to finish on the flags and they are done.

More pictures to come once these are complete, but just wanted you gentle reader, a patient audience, to know I hadn't disappeared!!

Cheers for now

Friday 7 August 2015

Down Time

Past couple of weeks have been a joy. I decided on some genuine down-time, to just relax, and including a week at Tai Chi summer school at Harlaxton Manor. This annual course involves a daily regime starting at 7am and finishing at 9pm, with a healthy mix of Tai Chi, Feng Shou (Kung Fu), and weapons training - this year, learning the Lee Style Tai Chi Sword form!
To many this will not sound like down time at all, but I always return totally energised and refreshed....and the venue certainly helps to create the sense of being on "retreat."
The picture of Harlaxton is inspiration for modellers everywhere, I'm sure. And what a lovely venue to host the week.

I've also had chance during the down time at home to paint a little too... and perhaps a picture of the results will follow in the next post. Just some basing to finish before pointing my iPad at them!.

Oh, and for those blog visitors from the other side of the world, who used to be keen on cricket, all I can say is that it really is a funny old game.
Whilst thrilled at being able to listen to Test Match Special on the radio to a rampant England bowling attack, I am, however, rather embarrassed by the level of gloating in the press, and on social media. Very unseemly. And anyone who follows sport of any kind knows that the tables will turn, whether next series, or the one after that.
Yes, celebrate the victories, and disguise the losses as tactical withdrawals, but do it with grace. Just like wargaming really..

Back soon.