Rise of Macedon

This is my WAB army depicting the army of Philip of Macedon, with a young Prince Alexander commanding the Companion cavalry.

First image shows Philip of Macedon, preparing for battle, with the Oracle doing his best to create positive auguries for the day ahead...

And here is the young Alexander...

... and his Companion Cavalry

and here the Companions are supported by the elite Hypaspists.

And the Hypaspists operating solo...

Below: the Phalanx.

Next: Skirmishers. The Agrianians are in the dark coloured tunics, whilst other mercenary skirmishers (javelinmen and archers) are in red.

Finally a wing of Greek allied troops... Peltasts, Cretan archers, and Thessalian cavalry

And a final shot of the whole army laid out...

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  1. A well painted and composed army Phil having faced it a few times now!