Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Normal Service...

What a summer! And it's not over yet!!
Amongst the glorious sunshine, I've had a good few weeks rest and recuperation, including my annual Tai Chi and Kung Fu retreat at summer school.
The venue is certainly conducive to a week away from the norm...

Harlaxton Manor, near Grantham, Lincs

Time off means reading, thinking and planning, as well as getting some painting done. And I've got some new stuff to show, just as soon as I can get a decent photo shoot done. Maybe this coming weekend.
So, wargaming updates will be resuming shortly...

Not sure whether to bother with Partizan on Sunday - convince me, someone...


  1. Because you know it's the best show around and I'm there

  2. There's a coincidence. My oldest stepdaughter studied at Harlaxton Manor as an exchange student.

    Do you really need an incentive to visit Partizan? ;)

  3. I’m putting my ACW game on and we can chat about photo setups ?

  4. Thx guys... all good reasons in themselves...
    I'll see how I feel on the day!!
    John B - I've emailed separately.