Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New unit - Regiment Auvergne

Just a quick post as I've finished basing the latest French infantry battalion - Auvergne - who are now marching to take up their post ready for the attack on Dottingheim.

Figures painted by James Brewerton, flags by Mark Allen.
A number of people have been in touch to ask, and I thought I should clarify: The figures are my own range, and not for sale. I decided, when embarking on the project that I wanted something unique to my collection, and so elected to have the figures specially commissioned.

Whilst I'm answering queries: someone (Austin) asked in the comments o the previous blog post whether I would be doing a full report on the Dottingheim game here. The answer is... no, not really. I will do the unfolding updates on the AMG forum. However, a short report and a few pictures may appear here, after the event.
Hope that clarifies.



  1. Great looking regiment, nice work on the white!

  2. Regt. d'auvergne is beautiful, Phil and your castings are marvellous. I like the terrain on display in the previous article (the town of Dottingheim). Did you make a new terrain cloth?


  3. Phil,

    Another very attractive French Regiment.

    Pleased to see the collection growing with speed and to an exquisite standard.

    I will definitely be glued to AMG that day to see how the game plays out.


  4. Thanks for clarifying about the game. Looks like I will have to join AMG... Sounds like it's all happening over there!

  5. Thanks for your kind comments.
    Jiminho: the terrain in the Dottingheim pictures is a simple Terrain Mat.
    Austin: you should definitely get John's book (if you haven't already purchased it), and join the AMG forum. It's a place where you get to rub shoulders (virtually) with many 18century aficionados, rules-writers, authors, historians, artists, and figure designers, sculpters, and so on. You'll recognise many of the names,I'm sure, and the atmosphere is very chatty and very friendly because it's a small group. See you over there...