Wednesday 29 October 2014

More TYW pictures added

Have added 38 more pictures to the Thirty Years War archive page (see link on right hand side)...

Here are just a few of what's included, from full table layouts and battle scenes, to individual units, command vignettes and small set-pieces (like the infamous witch vignettes, originally shown on my old Breitenfeld blog)...

Don't worry; the archives updating project is almost at an end, and I'll have some fresh stuff to show for my main 18th century Pils-Holstein project very soon.

Meanwhile, as always your comments are welcome... (it's the only way I know anyone's visiting and interested!!!).

Cheers for your support.



  1. Absolutly stunning, the last three pictures are outstanding!

  2. Astonishing - just the finest inspiration.
    Thank you Phil.

  3. Wonderful to see these marvellous figures Phil. The TYW is a fascinating period, and these pictures help to bring it alive. Wagner lives! :)

  4. Thanks for your supportive comments. This is my favourite collection, other than the current 18th century project.

  5. Nice to see all those extra photos

    -- Allan

  6. Very nice to see these again! The first time I saw pictures of your TYW collection on line I started to read up on the period. I have resisted the lead temptation so far but I doubt there is a period with as much swashbuckle and flair or as much diversity.

    thanks for posting this archive!