Tuesday 14 October 2014

Archive page added - ECW

Over the years, I have dabbled in the ECW, though I have never really tackled the period "full-on".
However, I have a few snaps of some of the units I painted a number of years ago, so thought an ECW archive page would be an appropriate addition.

Here's a taster...

For more, see archive page link on right...

Thanks again for your supportive comments posted last time. It's encouraging to receive such feedback and tells me it's worth continuing to add more archives, so watch this space for more in the near future...


  1. I'm working on painting an ECW army at present so I do enjoy looking at other folks' troops for inspiration.


    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks Jeff
    I have been admiring your impressive output on getting your armies up to scratch for the ECW. Impressive. Looks like you are having fun!