I have dabbled in the Napoleonic period, on and off, for several decades. There's no doubt it is a period rich in wargaming pedigree.

The challenge I have often had is in settling on a 'period within the period', so to speak. There's so much choice... 
French Revolutionary Wars, 1805 Ulm and Austerlitz, 1806 v Prussia, 1809 v Austria, 1812 v Russia, Peninsula War, Waterloo and the 100 days, to simply list the most popular.

All have their attractions, and with it being such a well-researched (and often argued about) period, it's difficult to just dip in and out.

So, taking the bull by the horns, I decided to commit a complete heresy, and settle on a 'generic Napoleonic project', with French in bicornes, and Austrians in helmets... why? simply because I like the figures. That's it.

I suppose it could be argued that it is 1805, but I prefer to think of it as my 'Generic Napoleonics', and I will use the figures for all manner of actions in the wider Napoleonic period.

Here are some pictures of the first French brigade:

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