Sunday 5 January 2014

A Growing Force

Firstly, a very Happy New Year... may your 2014 be prosperous.

Over the past few weeks, brushes have been wielded, notably by Mark Allen, and James Brewerton, to the extent that I now have a basing backlog!! (I know, I'm a slacker).

James has done a lovely job on the first of the French infantry regiments, and they are next in the basing queue. Photos will be coming once they are complete.
Meanwhile, Mark completed the Kronprinz Grenadiers, to accompany their sister battalion featured last time, the Pils Holstein Leibgarde.

Here is the embryonic Pils-Holstein army in full array, on recent manoeuvres.

Shown here are The Kronenbrau Kuirassiers, Holstein Hussars, Transvladak Uhlanen, Leibgarde Regt, Kronprinz Grenadiers, and Kurtz Jagers, along with 2 light guns.
A variety of commanders are in attendance.

And here's the Infantry Brigade, with their commander, Brigadier Maximillian von Bruch (painted by yours truly a few weeks ago).

This force will face a similar sized French array in a small action over the coming weeks, and I'll post a report here.

Meanwhile, best wishes for the year to come, and I do hope you will continue to visit and enjoy the blog. This year, as the armies grow and develop, things will start to get interesting. I promise...


  1. Those are looking excellent. It will be great to see them all in action.

    And Happy New Year!

  2. Yep, very impressive! I just love the standards. Happy New Year to you too by the way.

    Best Regards,


  3. Lovely looking work. They're a credit to you Phil. Good to see you back.

    Also Mrs. Kinch would like to request more pictures of Jethro.

  4. Very nice work Phil - second the comment on Jethro BTW!

    Happy New Year to your clan as well.

  5. Nice work, great looking troops

    Happy New year

    -- Allan

  6. Thank you all, and Happy New Year!
    Carlo - thank you for not mentioning the cricket in your comments!!
    As for Jethro, I'll ask his agent if we can have more pictures...

  7. Happy New Year Phil

    It really is an excellent looking force, looking forward to seeing the French



  8. Looking good and a happy new year to. Between John and yourself you have my 18th century juices flowing.
    Richard has nearly finished my first batch of Government troops so once cast I will be filling ranks with my own chaps:)

  9. Sorry I'm a bit late finding this post, Phil, Happy New Year. This small force looks pretty formidable and I look forward to hearing about their first battle.

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  11. Happy New Year to you too Phil,
    An attractive start, like others I look forward to a battle and more posts although I bet don't come as thick and fast as some might hope for obvious reasons - real life!
    Wishing you a great year, Jeremy

  12. Thanks guys.
    Graham - looking forward to seeing your new troops!

    I do hope to post more this year Jeremy… but no promises. However, there will be far more happening in terms of new units appearing and a few battles to report on so there will be more content to share.
    Best regards all