Monday 2 February 2015


For those readers and visitors to the blog who have been following the progress of the 18th century Pils-Holstein project, you may have noticed that within my 30 figure infantry battalions I do not include drummers. This was for a number of reasons, not least because I wanted to have a series of super-numery figures dotted around the tabletop as single figures and in small groupings, rather than within the units themselves.
These figures will have no bearing upon the rules, and will play no part in the games, other than to make the table look good.

I visited Mark Allen yesterday to pick up the first of these figures, some of which are conversions from my standard officer pose, others are conversions of RSMs, and the drummers are from the Eureka range.

Mark has done all the conversion work and painting on these, and I'll be doing the basing over the coming days...


Picture shows 3 French figures and 3 Prussians.

Also on the workbench at the moment...
Thirty Years War Swedish Yellow Regiment. These are being based and flagged, and I'll have pictures for you in the next few days.

In my previous post, I mentioned my starting into the re-enactment world, and I can say I have had many positive messages. So thank you.
I'm enrolled with a regiment, and am now starting to put together some kit. Mark kindly lent me some gear from his days as part of the ECWS, and I'm very grateful. Just a few bits n pieces to get started. I'll be adding to this shorty, and then the fun can really begin. This coming weekend one of the regiment's members is coming round again to just get me started on some aspects of the basic musketeer training. Looking forward to it.


  1. Those are nice. I like the chap on the left.

  2. Agreed! And I had wondered, yes. An extra third (or even fourth) rank isn't a bad thing though. Very much in keeping with "the look" of the thing as the late Charles Grant Sr. used to write.

    Best Regards,


  3. Very smart; I'm sure they will look great when based and "performing".

  4. Thank you Andy, Stokes and Chris.

  5. Gorgeous figures, I do like drummers, within the parent battalion as well as on their own in little vignettes. Will look really good with your basing and will complement your wonderful collection.