Thursday 23 April 2015

Next Unit Please!

The Prussians are here!
The infantry are starting to arrive into Pils-Holstein in some force

Here are the latest units in my 18th century Pils Holstein collection.
They have been forming an orderly queue ready for basing for a couple of weeks. Ironically, immediately they were finished, a further unit joined the basing queue!

First up, Prussian regiment IR7 Bevern.

Painted by David Jarvis, flags by Mark Allen. Basing by yours truly.

Next, French regiment Bourbon. I was going to say, "These really take the biscuit," but that would be a pun too far!
Painting and flags by Mark Allen.

At the weekend, Mark and I also pushed some lead around the tabletop, more of which anon perhaps.
But here's a couple of pictures to be going on with...
Above: French commanders consider their options.
Below, the French force is now 6 infantry battalions strong, plus Grassins. Happy with progress, so far...

For those who are attending the Partizan show in Newark at the end of May, you will see this French force taking to the field in a large multi-player game being organised by Graham Cummings - a collaborative effort from all the guys over at the AMG Forum.
Looking forward to it...
Meanwhile, back to basing more French!!


  1. Very nice work there Phil.

    Will you be taking any pics at the game?

  2. Amazing pictures, lovely job!

  3. Pleased to see the armies now taking shape.

    Stunning photographs of a lovely collection.

    Look forward to seeing the figures at Newark, albeit on different sides. My Prussians are ordered to give no mercy. However, as yours are nicely uniformed they can surrender!


  4. What a cracking pair of units, that game looks good too.

    Hope to get to Partizan so maybe see it in the flesh


  5. Magnificent little armies; great pictures

  6. Phil,
    Looking really good. Be nice to see them in the flesh in May.

  7. Truly gorgeous units Phil, you must be delighted and they're a pleasure to see. Dave

  8. Beautiful work!
    That's art!

  9. Good to see your project is progressing so beautifully, Phil. I particularly like the top photo. As for your Bourbon Regiment pun, think yourself lucky they aren't Scotch! :-)

  10. Impressive looking game!

    Want to see more if possible.


  11. Thank you for all the comments. I'm enjoying seeing the collection grow, steadily. Good to get it on the table occasionally!
    Conrad - no doubt there will be the odd camera/phone/iPad floating around at the show. Our game is actually 2 tables! One approx 12x6, the other 8x6. Should be quite a spectacle!

  12. These are looking sensational Phil. Wish I was in Newark to see them in th flesh and but I will have to make to with the "mass" of photographs your adoring public now require :-)

    Really enjoying this direction you are focusing on Phil - top notch and very inspirational.

  13. Very impressive phil, really like your unit sizes. 30 figs per battalion is an excellent size for infantry. Love the commanders, collection is starting to take shape.

    Look forward to more.