Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Very Public Falling Out

King Ferdinand Adolphus (you'll remember he has become known as "Sweet FA" to the subjects of Pils-Holstein) has made no secret of his affections for Teresa (Tessa) Pepisa, most notably having given her an honorary command of the Pils-Holstein light horse as well as considerable estates in Lower Holstein.

Her attendance at the court of Pils-Holstein had originally come about after her father (a wealthy Italian financier) presented her to the Astrovian Imperial court some years earlier, and the visiting King of Pils-Holstein, struck up a "strong friendship" with the beautiful debutante. Following the Queen's sad passing, Tipsi Pipsi became a regular visitor to the widowed King Ferdinand Adolphus, and soon their friendship blossomed into something more - Well, that's the official version anyway. Some say the timeline for this sequence of events is somewhat mirky, and there were even suggestions that the Queen's passing was hastened by her broken heart ... but, I couldn't possibly comment.

Regardless of the exact details of the whole episode, Tessa Pepisa, who is nothing if not absolutely charming and delightful, subsequently became a favourite with the people of Pils-Holstein too. Their nickname, "Tipsi Pipsi", showed their growing affection for this flame-haired femme who was popularly regarded as "a good thing" for the King.

Now, it turns out, Tipsi Pipsi is in fact not all she seems...

And, as a result of certain rumours (rumours I might add that are as yet unsubstantiated), things have gone awry between Tipsi Pipsi and Ferdinand Adolphus.
A series of public "sulks", raised voices when in private, and on at least one occasion door slammings, have not gone unnoticed.

Now, at last, with the King's angry words "Once a Hapsburg, always a damned Hapsburg!" ringing in her ears, Tipsi Pipsi has headed South-East once more, bound for Astrovia. 

(above: Tipsi Pipsi, with her ADC, Major Ligue).

However, what is more surprising is the level of loyalty and affection that her light cavalry troopers have now invested in their honorary commander. For, cantering over the rolling hills, in Tipsi's wake, a column of cavalry can be seen. Many of the Holstein Hussars, and all of the Transvladak Uhlanen have followed her into the moonlight (though the defection of the latter is presumably linked not only to their native heritage within The Astrovian Empire, being from the mountainous regions of Transvladakia, but also down to the promise of some form of booty and wealth from forthcoming campaigns). 

(above: Transvladak Uhlanen)

But, what can have precipitated such a defection?
And just who, really, is Teresa Pepisa?
And what does this all mean for the state of Pils Holstein, and poor "Sweet FA"?

Time will tell...



  1. Ain't nothing like an intriguing tale to get me hooked. :)
    Lovely figures Phil what make are the Uhlans?

  2. Thanks Graham. The intriguing tale will have wide-ranging impact. That's all I'm saying for now...
    The Uhlans are John Ray figures. Painted by me a few years ago.

  3. Interesting story Phil.....and if any of your heroes wish to commission a portrait of the lovely Tipsi as a Hussarette or Uhlanette, you know where to come.......

  4. Phil, as always, I love your background stories & character names.

    Although I haven't commented for a while on this project, I'm loving it. The figures and units are super.

    I'm with you regarding drummers. I use CSG rules so not as big a visual issue but I am taking them out of the command morale score, and possibly using them as rallying/order understanding markers of some sort. As vignettes, your chaps look great.

    I look forward to more on this project, and am sitting on the edge of my seat to see what Tipsi Pipsi gets up to!!

    Cheers, Rohan Wilmott

  5. Thanks Chris and Rohan.
    Chris ... Before a portrait is commissioned, the full story of Tessa Pepisa will have to be made known. But it's definitely one for the future.
    Rohan... Would be interesting to hear how you get on with giving your drummers some visual representative function on the tabletop.
    Thanks both for commenting.

  6. You've got me now Phil - love some intrigue in the back rooms and troops sent on missions. Will await the next installment keenly.

  7. Thanks Carlo... this story is quite a web of intrigue, with far-reaching consequences. Not least that the army of Pils,Holstein has lost its light cavalry, so will need to draw on support from allies in order to put Light horse into the field!
    As for poor King Ferdinand Adolphus... Well, that is a tale in itself.

  8. Wonderful stuff Phil, very intriguing look forward to more. Really nice figures.