Thursday 19 November 2015

A few little books...

As an aside, and apropos of not very much, I popped along to The Original Re-enactors Market (TORM) last Sunday... it's a sort of 17th century shopping convention. As the event is held not far away, a "drop in for a pint and a browse" approach seemed warranted.
Well, with nothing particular on my re-enactment list to buy (although, to be fair, that didn't stop me actually buying lots more stuff),  it took me only 7 minutes of aimless wandering before I had some reasonably-priced Ospreys in my paws.

As you will notice, I also picked up the old Airfix Guide to the ECW - a nice surprise as I had only thought about this publication the day before when it was mentioned in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine, which I happened to pick up when passing WH Smiths. This particular Airfix Guide I had out on loan from our local library pretty well permanently for what seemed like the whole of the late 70s (I didn't get enough pocket money to save up and buy my own copy!), so it was like bumping into an old friend. Charming.

Talking of magazines, I have recently started to buy the wargames monthlies more often. Is it just me, or are they improving ..?
I've found a few items of interest in them of late, and particularly enjoyed seeing Stuart Asquith's piece in the latest WI. I also enjoyed Charles M Grant's piece on narrative campaigns, a few months back (can't remember which of the 3 main mags it was in).

To add to my reading pile, I'm half way through William Le Queux's "The Great War in England in 1897" on my kindle - a book that I have been meaning to read for some time and which came highly recommended.

It is a rollicking good read!
And, I'm heading back there right now...


  1. The Great War is currently on Amazon for Kindle for £0.00 !

  2. Love the cover of the Le Queux's book. You cannot beat those 19th century illustrations.