Monday 8 February 2016

York weekend

Before I get into the York show, just a word of thanks to all who commented on my previous post, with such a varied and interesting set of views on the subject of blogs, social media, facebook, and so on. I haven't replied to each comment, but left them as is, for each person's opinion is valid as it stands... and there were some very erudite points made. So, again, thank you.

Now, onto the York weekend.

What a great place to visit  -I've been many times, both as a visitor to the wargaming show, and as a tourist on other occasions, but it's always nice to be reminded what a lovely city York is. Even though Saturday was rainy, and a little chilly, a visit to The Minster and a browse around the shops was very pleasant (Dianne was recce'ing the shops for her Sunday expedition, having decided that I could be unleashed to Vapnartak on my own).

Our hotel was very good (The Royal York... which has had a major overhaul and facelift since I stayed there last) which made the stay a very relaxing weekend ... view from our room is below:

So, to the show...

On arrival, I immediately bumped into Kevin Calder and Peter Nicholson with whom I haven't had a good natter for a few years.
Shortly afterwards, Dave Marshall (he of Agincourt diorama celebrity status) hove into view and we chewed the wargaming fat for a while.
Then it was time for some serious shopping.
Dave Thomas was, as always, in good form (and seem to be taking people's money off them with gay abandon!). Following this, I met up with David Shuttleworth ("wargames amateur" blogger) and Steve Ayers at Lance and Longbow stand, then Harry Pearson and Clive Norman (with whom I talked about football as much as wargaming!).

Shopping all done by 1pm, and next stop was the bar.
Graham Cummings, Mark Dudley, Stephen Caddy were all in attendance, followed by some of the lads from the Loose Association of Wargamers (LAW) Forum (Tim W, Count Belisarius, Essex Boy and Goat Major, to use their "noms de keyboard").
It's a wonder I did any shopping or even got chance to glance at the games with all the socialising. Yet, I came away wishing I'd had much more time to chat to all these people...

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the show...

First up, Prestonpans.

Next, a Back of Beyond spectacular...

Below, The Alamo...

This nicely done fantasy siege also caught my eye...
And finally, I liked the simple and effective terrain on this Crusades game ...

These are just a few pictures of just some of the games.

The number of games seemed fewer than in previous years, but the quality of those on show was excellent. Well done to all.
A cursory glance indicated that the competitions seemed to be thriving on the upper floors, though I didn't venture near to have a closer look.

Overall, attendance seemed to be very high, traders seemed happy, and there was a buoyant atmosphere around the show. Well done to the organisers, traders, gamers, and to all the pals who I bumped into during the day, for making it a memorable one.

Finally, my shopping haul...

Better get started working on it all!


  1. Fantastic post. Who ran the Prestonpans game?

  2. I agree, some very fine looking games, thanks for showing them. Blimey what a lot of multi-sided dice in your haul! Do you loose them frequently under the furniture, or what?

  3. It was a good show. Met up with loads of friends and acquaintances but didn't see you Phil, even in the bar!

  4. Thank you for your comments Warwick, Chris and Colin.
    Not sure who the Prestonpans game was put on by, Warwick. It looked very good, and you can't beat a few ships on the table!
    Chris - d20s galore for TSATF Colonial games.
    Colin - I am not known to be a shrinking violet when in a bar - but I do have a reputation to protect, so may have gone under the radar this once!!!

  5. Didn't get to York this year so thanks for the 'tor-rep' and the photo's. Some great looking games.