Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Fulchester Fusiliers

Introducing The Fulchester Fusiliers, A company, 1st Platoon, under the command of Captain Terence Flickwitt.

also shown formed up in sabot bases...

Based in the southern part of Ghabazaar (an important British colony), they have been tasked with entering the area around Wadi Malakh, and will march tomorrow.

Their task is to root out and crush any riotous rebellion. Rumours are that local tribes are being stirred up by the notorious Emir Khat.

The platoon of Fusiliers, begin their first mission tomorrow...

Rules will be TSATF. Our reporter, Ernest Pickling of The Ghabazaar Gazette, embedded at the front line, will report on developments ...


  1. I like a good dust up in the desert, so I'm looking forward to the newspaper account of the upcoming encounter.


  2. Great looking unit and terrain...wonderful!

  3. Agreed Very (dare I say?) Gilderesque.

    Best Regards,


  4. Excellent although a couple of chaps appear to have lost their hats - perhaps get the sergeant to put them on a charge after the action?

  5. Splendid Chaps, I await more news from the Front...

  6. These are lovely Phil. I bet youre excited about the release of the Perry plastics for this period. They also look very good.

  7. I really look forward to your report on this stoush, Phil. Very good looking units.

    I have played TSATF years ago with my mate, Gerry Webb from Castaway Arts miniatures. It is great fun. My son loved it too, especially when he emptied 6 of 10 saddles of Chasseurs d'Afrique with volley from a native band - the predictable elephantine luck of the teenage newby!! :-D

    Your terrain is helpful as a guide too...I have some SAGA crusaders who will grace such a table.

    However, as Robbie says, the new Perry plastics may just attract this butterfly to a new gaming "flower"! Oh no!!

    Cheers, Rohan.

  8. Haven't used TSATF for years, but this is likely to cause yet another distraction. So many projects, so little time . . .

    Excellent job!

  9. It all looks very good indeed Phil, hope you enjoy it. Have you seen Conrad's amusing TSAF scenario in the latest Miniature Wargames?

  10. Thank you all for your interest and comments.
    The new Perry plastic British are certainly on my radar!
    And yes, Stryker, there are 3 chaps whose pith helmets have fallen off. Disgraceful! But they come one per blister pack!!
    I'm interested that no one picked up on the regiment name... None of you are Viz readers then!!

  11. Very much lookling forward to this rumble in the desert Phil - the figures look wonderful and tthe terrain is perfect. You may well inspire me to dig out my TSATF rules as well now you know!