Friday 22 April 2016

Late, but inevitable, Salute post...

I can't believe it's a week since the event, and I'm mindful Salute posts aplenty have been seen elsewhere, but as it was my first experience of the show, I couldn't let it pass without putting up a few pictures.

The day began with an early start (even though I had been staying over in London on business the Friday night), and the journey from Gloucester Rd to Excel was made easier by the sudden arrival in my carriage of two familiar faces: David Shuttleworth (of Wargame Amateur blog fame) and Steve Ayers. "Of all the gin joints, in all the ... etc..."
We changed trains at Canning Town and, lo and behold, Dave Jarvis is in the carriage we choose for the final leg on DLR.

Arriving at Excel, I expected a queue, and I got one. But by just after 10am I was in the hall, and on a mission to fulfil my modest shopping list, before seeking out some of the games I was especially looking forward to...
And here are some snaps of my favourites...

Bill Gaskin's remarkable SYW game:


Ian Smith's impressive 40mm Napoleonic game:


Next... ECW Siege of Bristol by the Crewe and Nantwich Club. Dave Marshall was largely responsible for terrain and town. Superb:

NW Frontier (again Dave Marshall terrain):

Met so many pals, throughout the day and chewed the wargaming fat until it was time to head back.
And I returned inspired...
Well done to the organisers, the gamers and traders, who put on a fine show.


  1. Impressive, especially those town scenes! Thanks for sharing.

  2. "Wow!" seems like the understatement of the decade. The photographs you share here are topnotch, but it must have been almost breathtaking in person. Thank you from the WRONG side of the Atlantic.

    Best Regards,


  3. Wonderful tables and beautiful photos!

  4. Best photographs of the games shown at Salute.

  5. There's a feast for the eyes. Any decent colonial games?

  6. What a wonderful set of photos Phil. You do have an excellent eye for taking the kind of shot we wargamers adore and admire most!

  7. A lot better than my efforts, great photos!

  8. Thanks for your comments. The photos were instant snaps on my iPhone, with no editing, lightening, or anything. I just got lucky... That, and the fact that the subject matter was so compelling.
    Conrad - couple of Colonial games, including the one shown (NW frontier).

  9. Phil, just like to add my thanks for such wonderful photos. I agree with John R's observation, certainly worth waiting for and amazing you get such great results with so little effort.

  10. Hinton Hunt
    not too long ago I have acquired all of Hinton Hunt's Napoleonic 1:72 original steel-carved figurines which were used to run "1st run production moulds" of which then "production moulds" for general casting were produced. Hinton carved the originals in steel and they are as good as new. I have acquired them along with some accessories like spin caster and mould cooker from a gentleman from Georgia as I planned to dive deeper into this very old hobby of mine.
    Alas, due to changes in life my plans have never materialized and I therefore wish to dispose of them again at a fair price in the most responsible fashion as I always felt they'd belong to the community.
    Please help me to find a new Home for them.
    Best regards

  11. Oh, this are masters of the hobby with wonderful talents. They are my idols now. I so want to be able to do such beautiful terrains and models...