Sunday 6 November 2016

New Pages added

A reorganisation of pages has taken place this past couple of days (see list of pages on the right hand side).
  • re-jigged the archives pages into one gallery,
  • added pages for the Colonial project (The Ghabazaar Imperative),
  • revamped The Pils Holstein page,
  • and added a new page for the Macedonian Successors army which is coming on apace...
There are lots of new images, including Philipolytas "The Great" (as he likes to think of himself although others have, unkindly perhaps, described him as "distinctly average"!)

I've had a bit of a photo session with other collections too, and even a game. More images will be added as I get round to it in the days to come.


  1. Your Macedonian Successors army is quite impressive! Regards, Karl

  2. Hi Phil,

    Well..."distinctly average" beats "barely adequate" any day of the week!

    All The Best,


  3. Phil, your Macedonian "Alter Ego' figure is superb. I'm sure your dice will be better when he is the leader!! :-D best wishes, Rohan.

  4. Thank you Karl, Martin, Rohan.
    I would sometimes settle for barely adequate dice rolling! Distinctly average dice rolls are occasionally too much to ask for!!
    Best regards