Thursday 5 January 2017

League of Orcsburg

Every second Christmas, I re-read The Hobbit.
Have done so for years.
It gives me a warm, comforting feeling, a sense that all's well with the world.

Add to that, the arrival of Dragon Rampant, and a holiday "clear out" of some of the deepest recesses of the unpainted figures cupboard, and the inevitable happened.

I played roleplaying (AD&D) way back in the 70s, had some figures that haven't seen the light of day since then and also had a few bits n bobs I'd picked up in the 80s.

Amongst the boxes were old Minifigs, Valley of the Four Winds, Ral Partha, Chronicle, Citadel (including the Fantasy Tribes range) and a whole host of other stuff.

Above: a gaggle of goblinoids.

I've always wanted to do something Tolkeinesque, with minimal magic, and a very dark age style to it.

Now, whether I'll pursue this any further, who knows (those Vendel figures are rather tempting though), but over the past couple of days I thought I would just see what I could muster for a 24-point Dwarf force and a 24-point Orcish/ Gobliny force.

Above: Durin's folk... various manufacturers, plus a "Wise Old Man Of The Woods" from Minifigs "Valley of The Four Winds" range.

Decided that the Dwarves are ok (I'll reorganise them into 12-man units as per the rules). Some of the bad guys, on the other hand, needed a little repaint. I decided to go with the green Orcs look, although I think if I were to rehash this totally, I would do differently.

Anyway, at least the brushes have been active, between the odd dram, and the leftover turkey.

Back to normal next week, and normal service will be resumed, I'm sure.


  1. Dragon Rampant is an excellent game ! , Tony

  2. I'll second that re Dragon Rampant. Look forward to seeing the Old School fantasy project continue.

  3. Happy New Year, Phil!

    What great memories your figures bring back - I still have some of those pre-GW figures in the bottom of a cupboard somewhere. This reminds me too of happy days gaming and roleplaying with mates in my old gaming club when I lived elsewhere. Thanks for rejuvenating the memories!

    Dragon Rampant does look interesting. I am tempted to Arthurian/Norse/Irish myth and some Tolkienesque tussles!.

    Best wishes for 2017, Rohan.