Thursday, 3 May 2018

War of the Vaubarian Succession

Over the past year, I have been meeting with a fellow wargamer at our favourite haunt, our HQ, a small pub on the Fosse Way which is midway between our two homes.

Dubbing oursleves "The Fosseway Indie-Fencibles," the discussions have been about all things wargaming, and beyond.

Over the past few months we've decided to collaborate on a small project set around 1704 or thereabouts, using the Front Rank WSS range... just a few units, you understand.

We've called this The War of The Vaubarian Succession (WVS) as it's a fictional affair between the imaginary nations of The Electorate of Vaubaria (me) and Hautmont-Etrurie (Steve).

You can expect something different from the usual imagi-nations affairs, however. First off, we've settled on much smaller units (20 Infantry and 12 Cavalry) and having chosen Front Rank for the lead, it's not "old school" as such. We'll be using a set of rules I began using for the period around 1990, namely those of the late Peter Gilder, the Wargames Holiday Centre set for the period (slightly adapted).

Suffice to say, it's still at the very early stages, but a start has been made on the painting of figures.

Here are a couple of photos of the initial force of my Vaubarians...

Infantry Regt Dremel (excellent at drill), Infantry Regt Breitner, Vogts Cuirassiers, artillery under Master of Gunnery and commander of the Vaubarian arsenal (Graf von Wenger), all commanded by Markgraf Karl von Orff (with his banner, of Fortuna).

Above: Infantry Regt Dremel, supported by Vogts Cuirassiers.
Below: Infantry Regt Breitner.

The sharp-eyed will notice I've done the artillery in both deployed and "limbered, on the march" configurations. I've also done a casualty marker for each unit. It's good to begin as you mean to go on, rather than playing catch-up at a later date.

This is a slow-burn, and I'm just enjoying the leisurely painting time. We've got a couple of games planned in the diary for the near future, so I'll add pictures of those as we go.


  1. A good start to this project , those figures are rather nice are they not ! .

  2. Wonderful flags and figures!

  3. Got to love anything with a tricorn and light blue coat.

  4. Great work Phil following with interest!

  5. Nice units; a great start to your 'little' project

  6. Looks very interesting! A very fine start!


  7. Excellent. Bravo. Or should that be Bavaria.

  8. Excellent start, interesting choice of period. Look forward to seeing your collection grow.


  9. Hi Phil,
    I always enjoying seeing your projects unfold and love your take on gaming. The rules you are using, I believe they were written by the successor to PG at the WHC. I think there was a revision of them published in WI many moons ago. He, the name escapes me, noted that they were written largely the night before customers arrived to play a game! We used them (referencing In the Grand Manner when things were a little vague, and they worked well. Good luck with this.

  10. Hello,

    Very nice indeed.

    Speaking of flags, how can one contact Mark Allen for some of those lovely flags?

  11. Fantastic start to a promising project. I am in the process of a similar WSS project, also using the Front Rank figures. The are amazing Miniatures range. I was thinking of using Donnybrook and/or The Pikeman’s Lament for rules, which also lend themselves to smaller units. Where can I get a look at the rules set you are using?