Monday, 10 September 2018

Field Commander

One of Astrovia's most villainous Generals, and a fiendishly skulduggerous member of the Imperial Court, is Reichsgrafen von Schwarzenatter.
He has recently been awarded command of the Astrovian Field Army... and that spells trouble.

His dark and devious personality is reflected in his choice of a black uniform coat, richly embroidered with golden lacework, representing the opulence of the Astrovian Court where his Machiavellian machinations are legendary.
Of course, putting him in charge of the Astrovian field force gets him out of the way a little... perhaps that's helpful to certain other members of the Imperial entourage.

His standard bearer wears the uniform of the Kuirassiers von Klammer, a regiment who I hope to be able to show in full later this week...


  1. Lovely looking command stand, the collection is growing.


  2. Thanks guys. Yes, the collection is growing... slowly but steadily.
    Looking forward to getting the troops on the table for the first action... soon.
    Thank you for taking an interest and for commenting.